New building starts

As you probably saw in the local paper, and by looking around the school, the new building construction is finally underway and we expect it completed in the middle of January. I will update you each fortnight on what is happening. It is an exciting time for the college.

New STEaM Centre

Over the Christmas holiday period there will be a reshuffling of the rooms and the development of a Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths (STEaM) Centre in the our Middle School rooms. It will contain the latest technology such as a laser cutter, 3D printers and tools etc. The art and IT will also move into the Centre. I will continue to keep you informed as plans are developed.

School Wins Innovation Award

Our Middle School students took out first prize in the Moreton Innovation Awards after successfully developing a way, with the resources supplied, to drop an egg safely from two meters. It shows all those STEM lessons and learning how to design and plan were not a waste. Well done to the team and enjoy reading more about this in the newsletter.

New QCE development

There have been some more updates for the new QCE starting in 2018 including information of the assessment for Units 3 & 4 (Year 12). We also have time allocations such as the final exam for some subjects will be in two 90-minute sections. Our teachers are busily working to ensure they attend all the training and information sessions they can to ensure we are ready.

Getting Year 10 2017 ready for QCE

In preparation for our current Year 9 students entering QCE in 2018 we have designed a new course for our Year 10 students for 2017. Unlike a normal Year 10 which will have all students undertake the same English, Maths, Science – like in Year 9. In 2017 they will now have options to study different levels of Maths, different science subjects like Biology, taste new subjects we have not taught before like Legal Studies and Psychology. All of these are subjects they will undertake in QCE in 2018. This will give our students a much easier transition into 2018 new QCE and obtain better results with less stress. We will also introduce an exam and assessment system similar to the new QCE so they are all very familiar with the assessment before they get there. There is of course existing subjects like Sport, music, and the new STEM to select from.

QCS Tests

QCS tests have just been completed and those students working towards an OP have experienced the stress of QCS tests. Congratulations on the way all our students approached the QCS and we wish them all well for the future outcome of those tests. The score is used to help calculate their OP.

Set plans

Our Guidance Officer, Mrs Fraser, has been working very hard to meet with each student, and often family, to work out the SET Plan for the future study of each child entering senior study. She has been working both with our DE and On-Campus students. This will give our students a focus on what they should be studying in their senior years.

Beat the drum

What an exciting day seeing the children work with our African drummer and try and move with the music. It was certainly fun and provided a lot of opportunity for the children to experience a new form of music and dance.

Jump Rope for Heart

Mrs Birt has been an inspiration in getting most of the school enthused about raising funds for the Heart Foundation by skipping. While over $4,000 has been raised by our children, the encouragement to exercise and the fun associated with it was great to watch. Lets hope it also encourages them to continue to skip and exercise at home and at school in the future.

Morayfield Shopping Centre Promotion & 96.5 to visit school

The College will have a display at the Morayfield Shopping Centre next Thursday and Friday to promote our Open Day on the first week back next term on Friday 7th October. On Open Night 96.5 will set up in the front carpark and broadcast live promoting the Open Night for 3 hours. It will be a pleasant evening, so hang around after school for food and fun. Please encourage your friends and neighbours to come and check out our college.

Gary Underwood
[email protected]



2016 Term 3 - 13th July 2016 to 16th Sept 2016

Important Information

Second Hand Uniform Shop
The second hand uniform shop is open every Friday 2.30pm - 4.00pm. If you have any uniforms that you would like to sell, provided they are in resale condition, we are happy to purchase them from you. We also have a number of uniform items for sale including quite a number of winter sports jackets. Our prices are at least half the price of new items.

If you need any second hand items and are unable to visit the uniform shop please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will endeavour to help where I can.

Absentees Phone Line
We now have a direct absentees phone number for parents and caregivers 5490 6171. This will make it more time efficient for you and accessible before and after office opening hours. There is still the option of calling through the main college number during office hours and pressing option 1, however ringing the direct absentees number will be much faster.

Asthma processes and procedures
The Asthma Foundation Queensland and New South Wales have released new Asthma Guidelines for Queensland schools. We have reviewed our processes and procedures to reflect the recommendations from the new guidelines.

Ventolin for Prep – Year 6 will now be kept in your child’s classroom and your child’s teacher will administer if needed. Should the class teacher feel the child is not improving they will call the office and a first aid officer will attend the classroom.

Year 7 – Year 12 will now carry their ventolin on their person or in their school bags to be self-administered. Please make sure that should you student require ventolin you provide one for them.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the College on 07 5490 6100.

Prep Enrolments 2017 - URGENT!
If you have a sibling prep for 2017 can you please contact Carolyn Moes urgently to secure their place. We have limited places left and enrolments are coming in every day. The enrolment application is available here Please call Carolyn directly on 5490 6103 to discuss.

Student Withdrawal Notices
One terms notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

Allowance for driving your children to school
Did you know that you may be entitled to an allowance for privately driving your children to and from school?

Financial assistance may be available to parents who have children that attend NON-State Schools with students travelling to and from school daily by private arrangement.

For further details on how much you can claim by distance, download the Conveyance Allowance Payment Details by clicking here

2016 Early School Leavers survey
The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of students who left school in Years 10, 11 and prior to completing Year 12 during 2015. The Early School Leavers survey is a short, confidential survey that collects information about what young people are doing the year after leaving school. The information from the survey helps our schools to understand the pathways young people follow after leaving school and to plan services to support transitions into study or employment for our students.

Between July and August 2016, our students who left school in Years 10, 11 and prior to completing Year 12 last year, can expect to receive an invitation to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office to complete the survey. Please encourage early school leavers to take part.

For more information, visit or telephone toll free on 1800 068 587.

After School Care

Camp Australia is offering after school care at the Moreton Campus. For more information, please view this PDF


Taskforce Meeting 8 – Key outcomes and points of discussion
At the eighth meeting on 20 July 2016, the Taskforce engaged in further consideration of future senior assessment and tertiary entrance arrangements, including further issues relating to the calculation of student ATARs.

External Senior Examinations
The Chair noted that senior officers from the Department of Education and Training have consulted with Queensland teaching centres that offer External Senior Examinations (ESEs). Taskforce members noted that ESEs will continue to operate under the new senior assessment system. The QCAA will work with existing ESE centres to see how future ESE arrangements may be aligned with the new senior assessment regime.

Tertiary entrance – ATAR calculation
Taskforce members endorsed the proposal that the ATAR include a broader range of learning than the current Overall Position (OP) tertiary entrance rank, which is based exclusively on QCAA senior Authority subjects. In particular, the Taskforce provided general support for student ATAR calculations to be based on:

  • five senior Authority subjects; or
  • four senior Authority subjects plus either a completed VET qualification at Certificate III or above, or
  • a QCAA subject based on a Subject Area Syllabus (SAS).
  • The Taskforce noted that this approach will recognise the important role that VET plays in senior studies, while also including a range of academic subjects as a broad foundation for future tertiary study. Under the new ATAR calculation model, Queensland Year 12 students with completed VET qualifications will be provided with a scaled subject result. This will allow VET results to contribute to an ATAR.
  • Taskforce members also agreed that ‘satisfactory completion’ of an English subject (as agreed on 3 May 2016) would require an overall subject result that is equivalent to the attainment of a ‘Sound Achievement’ under the current senior assessment system. Tertiary entrance – Other pathways
  • Taskforce members discussed existing arrangements by which different forms of learning and attainment are recognised as part of the QTAC application and offer process. In this context, members emphasised the desirability of having Year 12 students compared on a single ranking methodology. Taskforce members noted that the operation of these arrangements will be subject to further consideration in partnership with QTAC and tertiary institutions.

What's happening on Campus

We have reached the end of another term. In many ways Term 3 is the most difficult term of the year both for students and staff. It certainly seems to be when we have more students and staff off sick than any other time of the year.

School Culture
As part of our school culture we encourage students to care for one another. Part of this involves broadening students outlook to also include caring for those in our communities, such as those who are less fortunate, and also those overseas through events like Operation Christmas Child. These Christmas boxes , which we encourage students to fill, benefit children in foreign countries who are far less fortunate than those in Australia. I believe that having students regularly focusing on helping others, in the many ways that we do, will help them to grow as individuals and become better members of the "global society" in which we now live. Thank you for encouraging your children in supporting our fundraisers - together we are making the world we touch a better place.

Term 4
There are a number of big events coming up in Term 4, these include our Year 12's Formal, Open Night, Awards Night and Christmas Carols night. There are also Year 11 and 12's block exams and another visit from a Japanese school with around 30 of their students. It is looking like being a busy end to the year especially considering we are expecting our new building to be commencing construction shortly.

Please mark some special upcoming evenings into your calendars

  • Awards Night: Monday November 14 (all P-12 students are expected to attend)
  • Christmas Carols: Tuesday November 29

David Lewis
Deputy Principal
[email protected]

Senior School Updates

Recently, I have had to address the issue of uniforms with our Senior students.

It is always interesting working with students, and even families at times, that seem surprised by College uniform expectations. As part of each student’s enrolment is an agreement, by both the student and family, to support the uniform policy. It should not be a surprise to anyone when this uniform policy is enforced.

This said, I rarely expect students’ ‘obedience’ without at least offering a good explanation outlining the reasons for such compliance. Consequently, I came across the article, “Why Should Students Wear School Uniforms?” by Madeleine Borrey in ‘For Suppliers to Schools, People Interested in Education’, and felt inclined to share the many reasons why uniforms are such a great part of any good educational institution.

“Why Should Students Wear School Uniforms?” by Madeleine Borrey

‘Part of a high-quality education is learning how to present yourself to the world, and that's what a school uniform is all about.’ says Former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Should students be required to wear uniforms? The answers may vary. Teachers, administrators, parents and students alike have expressed different views over this controversial issue.

For some people, a uniform is a symbol of unity and wearing one will bring about teamwork and a sense of solidarity in the academe. For others, it impresses the idea that students are not allowed the freedom to express and should conform to the strict rules set by the institution. With the heated debates over school uniforms showing no signs of cooling off any time soon, it’s the perfect time to discuss its importance in the academe.

So today, learn about the seven reasons why wearing uniforms are beneficial not only for the students, but also for the teachers, parents and administrators.

1. Removes social barriers and bridges gaps
Wearing a single standard of dress code takes away the pressure of what to wear, so students are less likely to focus their attention on how they look. They will not be judged on their appearance, but on their achievements. As a result, they become more focussed on learning. Also, it removes social barriers and eliminates prejudice amongst students. Those who come from lower-income families don’t have to face ridicule and bullying from other students because of the less-expensive clothing options that they wear. This creates a healthier and happier learning environment, which enables students to study well and develop their skills without distractions.

2. Saves up on costs
One of the greatest benefits of a uniform is that it is cost-effective. Buying a new set, which can last for years, is more economical compared to buying a new wardrobe each month. Educational institutions have different ways of sourcing their apparel. Most of them hire school uniform suppliers who provide an affordable range of items like shirts, pants, skirts and blazers for regular days, and jerseys and jackets for sporting activities.

3. Promotes unity and equality among students

Uniforms help build unity, promote discipline and a sense of community within the campus. Like jerseys used in sports, they instil the spirit of teamwork. This can develop positive values because it urges students to study hard or perform well during competitions to bring honour to the academe.

4. Provides safe and positive learning environment Wearing a proper uniform can reduce violence inside the campus. How? It makes it easy for authorities and administrators to recognise students from outsiders. It prevents non-students from getting inside the campus, thereby avoiding the possibility of them committing disruptive acts. It also minimises the likelihood of gangs from forming inside the school, thus promoting a safe and comfortable atmosphere where students can learn and develop their skills without worrying about their safety.

5. Encourages individual self-expression
With a unified dress code, students find ways to express themselves creatively instead. As a result, they focus their attention on aspects that would help show their personalities, such as participating in various activities like the performing arts, sports, painting, etc.

6. Instils deep rooted sense of discipline
Wearing a proper school wear makes students hesitant to do any mischievous activity that can destroy the reputation of or discredit the education institution that they are a part of.

7. Helps overcome inferiority complex
Dressing in a uniform helps students take pride in their appearance, boosting their self-confidence and overcoming their inferiority complex. A student attending an institution that requires a uniform will become more comfortable in expressing themselves through other forms of interaction without focussing so much on outward appearance. It makes a student conscious of his or her individuality, which in turn helps boost self-esteem and confidence.

Bottom Line
Wearing a uniform provides students with a myriad of benefits. It not only promotes a better learning environment, but it also instils positive values in them. This assists in developing their character and helps them become better individuals. So, in order to provide a better learning environment, instil positive values in students, develop character and individuality and become better young people - I urge all members of our College community to support our uniform policy. In addition, as leaders of our College there is even greater expectation that Senior students will be supportive of our uniform expectations.

Anita Newell
Senior School Leader
[email protected]

Middle School Updates

Middle School building a Community
Middle School is all about building a community, whether it is our school or global communities, our students are involved in building it. Middle School students are doing great things both in our local and the global communities. We have a great team of Peer Support students every week giving up their time and mentoring students in the Lower Primary School, while other Middle School students are raising money for water purifiers in Cambodia.

Students continue to use their talents to be great stewards of God’s grace as mentioned in 1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.

In the Middle School the grade 6 classes have been making Scratch games to share with the Grade 1 classes, learning block coding in a real world situation of meeting deadlines, and creating something that educates and entertains their customers (the Year 1)

As part of building our school community Mr. Gandini’s Year 9 drama class developed and performed clowning for the Year 1 class. The students dressed up in their colourful and cleverly put together outfits bringing laughter and joy to our Lower Primary students. What a wonderful way to bring a community together with laughter and wonderful displays of creative talent.

Brett Costin:
Middle School Leader
[email protected]

On Campus Class Updates

Year 5M

As I pen this newsletter I find myself thinking of how fast this year has flown and how close it is till Christmas. I am also filled with a sense of wonder and amazement at all that has transpired this year both in the classroom and in the school community. God has been so faithful with His provision, love and mercy.

This term we welcomed four new students: Cameron, Connar, Indianna and Chianne, who have settled well into classroom life. Here is a small glimpse of some of the things that happened this term. Apart from the usual academic rigor of working through Daily 5 (Literacy) and Daily 3 (math) activities, we had a wonderful visit from the Japanese exchange students in our classroom. The students were only too willing to share, teach, laugh with, and quiz the year 5 students on Japanese culture and language. In addition, our class was treated to hearing and listening to the Japanese students sing the song ‘FROZEN’ in their own language. As they left to visit other classes, there were lots of hugs, smiles, laughter, and of course, photographs taken of the special moments that these Japanese students brought into our classroom.

Book Week also added another dimension to our term as many of the Grade 5’s got into the ‘Australian spirit’ as they paraded around the sports hall with their favourite Australian book.

During Book Week the year 5’s also had a visit from an author, who wrote a series of books about a real life dog called Cha Cha. The dog, who is the character in her books was also visiting the students in the library as she conducted a writing workshop with the students.

In addition Grade 5 worked had worked very hard as they performed a skit and song during Chapel this term. The skit and song was based from a section in the Book of Exodus when Pharaoh refused to let God’s people go despite being warned by Moses.

I would also like to thank all the parents, carers and guardians for entrusting the education and care of your child with me and this school during the this year and look forward to another ‘fun filled’, ‘adventure packed’ fourth term (with lots of learning, of course!)

Finally, I leave you with this:

‘Trust in the Lord God with all your heart and understanding: Do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take’. (Proverbs 2: 5 – 7)

Desley Maciejewski
[email protected]

Senior Maths and Business

Another excellent term coming to a close. I do so love teaching Mathematics A and Business Communication & Technologies, we study such practical topics!

Year 12 Mathematics A students have been focused on finance this term, looking and interest rates, shares, debentures and of course loan schedules for buying property. Their assignment this semester was to investigate purchasing a house and all the costs involved, such an important knowledge based to have as they leave school and enter adulthood.

The Year 12 BCT class has been looking at Industrial Relations. We have been investigating and researching the history of how employees and employers interact here in Australia and where we want our country’s workplaces to head in the future. We’ve covered important and controversial topics such as the pay gap, discrimination in the workplace, and the evolving role of unions and employer associations. Again, so important as they enter the workforce to understand their rights and responsibilities, especially as they strive for management positions. Year 11 Mathematics have been focus on Data Representations.

Constructing questionnaires, collecting data and analysing it, which was really significant with the Census being on at the same time. It was by no means an easy task, but the skills involved in learning how to take data and turn it into something you can make decisions based upon will be important for any future role they find themselves in.

Year 11 BCT have been studying Workplace Information Management. A dry topic to be sure, but an important one as our workplaces transition to paperless, electronic information management. The lessons they learn about what to do and the consequences of not staying accountable to their legal obligations will be invaluable not just for work, but for further study and life in general.

I am blessed to work with some of the hardest working and conscientious students I have ever taught, and I look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour at the end of the year.

Rhys Taylor
[email protected]

Year 4/5 EXT

One of the highlights this term was having the Japanese students at the school on a study tour. 4/5C were privileged to spend a morning with these students and had fun learning Japanese games, the art of origami and most importantly, practicing their Japanese. The morning ended with a paper plane throwing competition in the sports hall and all the students in the class receiving some Japanese Yen.

The focus of this terms devotions has been the Fruit of the Spirit. We have had some amazing discussions on how we can apply love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control to our lives. After a lot of practice and fun, the class also had the opportunity to present a play and song about the Fruit of the Spirit for chapel in week 9.

In class we have been learning about natural disasters in Geography. This Geography unit is linked to our English assessment and students had to create a news report on a natural disaster. We definitely have some promising journalists in the class! We are excited to welcome Alia, Harrison and Lincoln into 4/5C and all three have settled well into the school. I pray that everyone will have a safe and enjoyable break over the holidays.

Nathan Cran
[email protected]

Learning Support

Over the past two terms I have been helping students in our college's Literacy Support Program. It has been a great experience teaching these students and working with the volunteers who give their time to come in and read with the students.

For those of you who do not know about our literacy support, it is a program that aims to help students work towards improving their literacy. Students who have receive low results in comprehension testing or have difficulty within classroom-based literacy tasks are eligible to take part in program. Once identified, students undergo placement testing to confirm where they are to be sit within its structure. They will either be enrolled in MiniLit or Reading Tutor, depending on their age and/or ability level.

Students have 3 weekly sessions working with a trained professional, who assist the students in improving their phonetic awareness, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. Throughout the program, progress is closely monitored and shared with classroom teachers. If find that a student is still having trouble with literacy despite hard work during the weekly sessions, additional strategies are used to ensure the child receives the help they need. The overall goal of the Literacy Support Program is to ensure the student’s literacy improves to the point where they are able to participate within the classroom and complete work that is year level appropriate.

As the Literacy Support Coordinator my role is to work towards the following:

  • Collect data on the literacy abilities of students within the college community.
  • Identify students who require Tier 2 intervention for Literacy
  • Implement a Literacy Program that is relevant to the students learning needs.
  • Continually assess the progress of the students undergoing the program to determine whether additional support needs to be accessed
  • Conference with the students primary teachers to ensure they are assigned tasks consistent with work completed in class
  • Organise times for students to read with a volunteer reader 3 times a week, for the purpose of implementation and retention of learnt skills.

If you have any have any further questions about the program or would like to volunteer some of your time to help out, you can contact me using the email: [email protected].

Kindest regards,

Joel Hogan
Literacy Support Coordinator
[email protected]

Library News

Booking In
The library has definitely been a busy place over the last term, following on the success of book week, students borrowing and use of the library has increased which is great to see. Thank you to teachers and parents for encouraging your students to read and borrow. For those who missed the film of book week here is a link

Looking after your Library Books.
You may have noticed that the library has catalogued quite a few new books in the library over the past few months. Over the holidays, borrowed books need to be cared for. If you do not have one please purchase a library bag at the front office. Try to remind students that water bottles and library books in school bags do not mix.
Damaged and lost books will need to be replaced and students will be fined for the replacement cost of the book.

If you are leaving the school, please be aware that all books still on loan will need to be returned or paid for, before exiting.

What’s coming up!
Book Club – ‘Bookle’
Next term will be a busy one! Look out for the new - ‘Puppetry Plots’ that Mrs Koehler is running Tuesday lunch times in the Library with the Book club. There is writing of stories and creating fun Puppet characters. All are welcome to join in.

Have a safe and happy Holiday and happy reading everyone!

Kathryn Hopson
[email protected]