Why private school is a benefit?

A report by Curtin University on the life outcomes of public and private school graduates attracted extensive media coverage across the nation. According to a syndicated news report in News Corp publications, including The Courier-Mail, the national study found that “private school kids grow up to earn more, live in better suburbs and be happier than their public school peers”. The news report said the Curtin University analysis of more than 17,000 Australian adults showed independent private school male graduates earned 15 percent more than those from government schools while female graduates earned 19 percent more. The report, Does private schooling pay? Evidence and equity implications for Australia ’, noted that “overall the results suggest that private schooling continues to be an important mechanism by which socio-economic advantage is transmitted between Australian generations, largely due to enhanced access to higher education.

New building development

The new building is making great progress. We will see a dramatic change when we return after the Christmas break as the roof goes on and they start work on the inside.

After School CLUBS for 2017

A big change is in planning for 2017. After positive feedback from teachers and parents the college has decided to run after school clubs starting straight after school, through to 4:15pm. Students will be able to enrol in classes in art, technology, music, maths help, reading, dance, drama, Japanese and even homework help. As part of this after school club program we are considering starting up a youth group on a Friday night. These will be at no cost to families. I want to thank staff for supporting this initiative and especially those volunteering their time. Details of the program will be out early next year. The classes will hold about 20 students each and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Parents have been invited to take part in our annual feedback survey. It is entirely confidential and helps us in planning for next year and beyond as well as improving how we work with you to educate your children. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

New uniforms

In response to parent feedback we have changed the school uniforms for 2017 removing the winter uniform for girls and replacing it. After your input we have created a new uniform booklet with all the details that will be mailed out to you in the near future. This will make uniforms cheaper. We have also added a formal hat for secondary in response to student input. In 2017 this will be optional but mandatory in 2018.


Today the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation  (QATSIF) is proud to announce that 250 Queensland schools have been successful in Round 8 QATSIF Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Scholarships. These scholarships, totalling $2,558,000 will assist 1,391 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students to graduate from Year 12 with a QCE in 2017/18. A special ‘well-done’ to Allannia Durante on her award.

Year 12 Last Day

What a great ending to another year with the Year 12 students having a great send off – continuing the tradition of a Year 12 breakfast and led by bagpiper into the final assembly and then finishing with the release of the balloons. Amongst the tears of joy and sadness another group left for their new future. Many of our students have been offered places at universities before their OPs come out, and many more into TAFE and other courses. We have certainly had a success group of Year 12s.

We wish them God’s blessing on their future.

Gary Underwood


[email protected]



Term 4, 2016: 4th October 2016 - 2nd December 2016

Term 1, 2017: 23rd January 2017 - 31st March 2017

Important Information

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second hand uniform shop is open every Friday 2.30pm - 4.00pm. If you have any uniforms that you would like to sell, provided they are in resale condition, we are happy to purchase them from you. We also have a number of uniform items for sale including quite a number of winter sports jackets. Our prices are at least half the price of new items.

If you need any second hand items and are unable to visit the uniform shop please feel free to email me at [email protected]  and I will endeavour to help where I can.

Prep Enrolments 2017 - URGENT!

If you have a sibling prep for 2017 can you please contact me urgently to secure their place. I have limited places remaining and enrolments are coming in every day. The enrolment application is online and the link is

Please call me directly on 5490 6103 to discuss.

Student Withdrawal Notices

One term's notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

Allowance for driving your children to school

Did you know that you may be entitled to an allowance for privately driving your children to and from school?

Financial assistance may be available to parents who have children that attend NON-State Schools with students travelling to and from school daily by private arrangement.

For further details on how much you can claim by distance, please go onto the Department of Transport and Main Roads website:  - Conveyance Allowance Payment Details. There is a PDF application available for viewing including a table of distance verses weekly rebate claim.

2016 Early School Leavers survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of students who left school in Years 10, 11 and prior to completing Year 12 during 2015. The Early School Leavers survey is a short, confidential survey that collects information about what young people are doing the year after leaving school. The information from the survey helps our schools to understand the pathways young people follow after leaving school and to plan services to support transitions into study or employment for our students. 

Between July and August 2016, our students who left school in Years 10, 11 and prior to completing Year 12 last year, can expect to receive an invitation to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office to complete the survey. Please encourage early school leavers to take part.

For more information, visit  or telephone toll free on 1800 068 587.

Year 5 and 6 Gala Day football match

On Friday the 11th of November, Mr Gandini and I had the privilege of accompanying the Year 5 and 6 boys teams to their touch football Gala Day. In the lead up to the Gala the boys trained every lunchtime for two and a half weeks with much dedication. The boys did very well on the day taking a couple of wins along with a loss and draw. It was a honour to coach these boys and watch them grow not only in their skills, but knowledge of the game and in great sportsmanship. They represented the school and their parents to a high standard and we are very proud of them. Congratulations Boys! A special thank you to our parent helper Mrs Kercher who volunteered her time to help coach and support the boys along side me.

The teams consisted of:

Year 5 Team

  • Kyran Wano - Captain
  • Sam Kercher - Captain
  • Samuel Rex
  • Freeman Gale
  • Andrew Harding
  • Conner Dawson
  • Tyler Magee
  • Gabriel Horvath

Year 6 Team

  • Jared Kercher - Captain
  • Benjamin Bartlett-Cash
  • Bailey Rees
  • Boston Crow-Ace
  • George Bachmann
  • Eric Jepsen
  • Michael Smith

Check out this amazing play.

Future footy stars in the making.

Complete this form:

Year 8 Explore Uni Day at the University of the Sunshine Coast

On Wednesday 2nd November, the Year 8 students travelled to the University of the Sunshine Coast to learn about university life. The students explored a range of different study opportunities and interacted with student ambassadors who shared about what University is like and what to expect.

Our first experience was in the Engineering faculty where students learnt the importance of structural engineering by watching a clip of the sway and eventual collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. They then played an iPad team building game on bridges and manoeuvred a robot arm.

In the Health and Nursing faculty the students interacted with the automated mannequins, listening to the heartbeat and laboured breathing of the ‘patient’, bandaged wounded areas and acted as neonatal nurses. Students were also able to discover how well they washed their hands by looking at the residual germs under ultra-violet lights.

The budding law students participated in a moot court scenario involving the trial of Goldilocks. The students undertook the character roles with great enthusiasm. The class played the role of the jury deciding the fate of Goldilocks based solely on the evidence presented. Unfortunately for Goldilocks, she was found guilty.

We finished the day with the Sport Science faculty - fun way to finish. One activity was based around velocity - measuring the speed of a throw with a speed gun. Our kids have powerful arms!

Overall, it was a fun, interactive and informative day and gave students an insight into university life. Students are starting to consider future career options and now know more about what is offered at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

By Mrs Scott (CHC Student Teacher) 

ACCM’s first Drama Night

On 24th November our drama students presented a number of great performances for their families and friends in our school's first Drama Night.

A big thanks to Mr Pavey for filming, Mr Bengston for helping with technology, Ms Dempsey for assisting with lines, Mrs Vlaanderen for photos, Mr Costin for helping stay back and packing up, and everyone who came to watch.

It was a successful night and an exciting event for everyone involved!

What’s Happening On-Campus

We have not only reached the end of another term, we have also reached the end of another school year.

Awards Night

The recent awards night went really well. Well done to all our award winners. At the ceremony we also had our Year 12 Graduation. The induction was also held for our new 2017 school captains, vice captains, sports captains, house captains, peer support leader, digital support leaders, Middle School leaders and prefects - all fine student leaders who are ready to take on these positions in 2017.  

Year 12 Final Assembly

On Friday 18th November we had the final assembly for our Year 12s - the last day of their formal schooling. The morning commenced with a breakfast for the Year 12s and their families. A full school assembly was held in the hall and the Year 12 students were led in by a bagpiper playing Amazing Grace. After a number of speeches, our Prep - 11 students lined up outside in two lines as the bagpiper led the 12s through the middle as they were clapped, cheered and high-fived. At the end Year 11 students presented the graduates with balloons and our sports captain, Allannia, led the school in three cheers. After this, the 12s released the balloons into the sky above the college.

It was a great conclusion for them and their school life.

Watch a video of the Year 12 final school assembly


A special thank you to all those who volunteered throughout this year - you have made a big difference to the life of our college.

Have a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year 

David Lewis

Deputy Principal

[email protected]

Senior School Updates

Year 10 next year

We have spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks considering our options for subject selection for Year 10 in 2017. Although we were excited about our original proposal, the delay in the introduction of the new QCE meant we had to create a new plan. We believe our new plan will provide students with many of the very same opportunities.

As both parents and staff, we are very aware that Year 10 lays the foundation for a student’s Senior phase of learning. Consequently, it is of utmost importance that we give students every opportunity to succeed and build on the learning experiences they have already formed in Primary and Middle School.

Our goals for Year 10 students at ACC are to:

  • Learn new knowledge – build a foundation of knowledge (i.e. content) that will enable success in Senior School
  • Develop personal skills and strategies – that will support the student’s own learning
  • Nurture a love of learning – that continues throughout Senior and beyond

In order to support these goals we have given students a large variety of subjects (electives) to choose from that are directly related to the subjects they will be offered in Year 11 and 12. In this way Year 10 students will be able to build a foundation of knowledge that will support them in their Senior schooling. In fact, some of the Year 10 subjects next year will be combined with Year 11, which will give students the very best opportunity to build these foundations and experience the rigour of QCE. However, although content may be the same, assessment will be modified more in line with Year 10 standards, so as not to overburden our students.

We have also introduced a new subject called PASS (Psychology And Study Skills) that will help students develop their understanding of basic psychology and the science behind thinking and learning. In addition, students will explore who they are as learners and the strategies that help them learn best, as well as assist students with developing good study habits and skills.

Finally, we have brought through from Middle School to Year 10 the subject of STEAM/STEM that will allow students an amazing opportunity to spend significant time each week on a personal project that will nurture their own passions and interests but with greater connection to the ‘real world’. In Year 10 students will be expected to link these projects to global ‘real world’ problems that require ‘real world’ solutions. We hope this will create young minds that think deeply about how their personal contributions can have local, national and even global impact and how they might truly change the world!’

Senior Leadership

As we prepare to finish up Term 4, I have been spending some important time with our current Year 10 and 11 students as we discuss the concepts of leadership and their role within the school. It is important that all of our Senior students understand that they are a leader and a role model for other students, whether they wear a leadership badge or have a specific role, or not! Expectations for our students are high and I believe that together our Senior students will do great things next year. Please join with me in praying for them and their future as they prepare themselves for the journey ahead. Looking forward to 2017 with these students!

Changes to subjects for next year

If you have students in Year 10, 11 or 12 next year and you have any concerns at all about their subjects for next year, please contact Mrs Sue Fraser (Guidance Officer) to discuss this as soon as possible. It is far easier to manage any subject changes now, rather than later.

Graduating class of 2016

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all staff and parents who have together assisted our Year 12 students in finishing their Senior years of schooling. It was a privilege for me to play a small part in this final part of this journey and I personally wish all of our graduating students the very best in all of their future endeavours. Remember, students are always welcome to visit and share what they are doing in their life ‘beyond our school gates’.

Anita Newell

[email protected]  

Middle School Updates

The inaugural Middle School year is nearing its end. How time flies.

What an amazing year we have witnessed. Starting our year with the first ever Middle school leaders: Cayse, Felicity, Grace and John these wonderful young men and women have set a high standard in leadership and have left a great legacy as the first ever Middle School Leaders of ACCM. It has been wonderful to watch the development of some of our young leaders who were so apprehensive to speak in public on the first assembly, but now develop to the stage where they can adlib and command the audience’s attention. The leaders efforts on building a positive school environment and leading assembly are to be commended.

Throughout the year our Middle School Leadership continued to grow with class representatives introduced to help build the culture of the Middle School. Many of our Middle School students have taken other leadership roles in Peer Support, Mentoring, Digital Technology, Chapel Band and helping out in Sport Shed, Canteen and other areas. They have all represented themselves and the College proudly. I am encouraged that our future is in good hands.

It seems only yesterday that we introduced the 3G’s of Gratitude, Grit and Godliness to our student body and encouraged our teachers to focus on the 3R’s of Relational, Relevant and Real educational goals. Since then we have added one more to each; Growth Mindset for our students and Rigour for the teachers. These alliterations have had a positive influence on both students and teachers to build on and guide the culture of the Middle School at ACCM.

This year the Passion Project was birthed and we saw two wonderful showcase evenings. Anyone who came along saw some wonderful innovative displays from our students. Next year the students will have the advantage of a designated area for creation in our new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) rooms that will be a designated area that will assist them to build on their understanding and skills of STEAM, with a specialist teacher. Who knows what the innovative and creative minds of our students may produce in 2017.

Our Second Showcase evening 2016

Throughout the year, Hospitality and Music were reintroduced to the Year 9 classes as an elective, which saw some budding chefs produce yummy meals and musicians entertain us with their musical talent. Our musical Middle School also made up a major part of our College Chapel Band, which produced some wonderful praise in our Middle School Chapel times.

Our Drama department also put on the first ever drama Middle School drama night. Who knows, maybe because of this evening we will see one of our students in a theatre, television or movie production in the future. Our Middle School also had a busy Thursday afternoon of sport which saw wonderful competitions and a variety of skills and sports being introduced.

The greatest aspect of the Middle School has been how God has moulded a great team of dedicated teachers, who have prayed, sacrificed and encouraged our students to have a Growth Mindset, to be young leaders, to care more, show GRIT and determination and to have another go when they feel like giving up. The teachers do this to encourage the students to reach their full potential in God. Each teacher has been encouraged by the support of school support staff and parents as they say it takes a village to raise a child. But our greatest encouragement comes from our students, especially those that have pushed through the hard times, the tears and the disappointment to achieve the best they can. It has been an honour this year to be the Middle School Team Leader of such a dedicated team of people.

Our inaugural Middle Schools of 2016 with or 2017 Leaders.

Maddison, Grace, John, Declan, Ally, Ewen, Felicity and Cayse

Brett Costin

[email protected]

George Palmer speaks with Year 6C and 6F

Yesterday, I (Trevor Pryer) was privileged to accompany George Palmer, a Kokoda Track veteran of the 39th Battalion to talk with students of 6C and 6F. He was most happy with the visit and was pleased to answer a number of thoughtful questions about his service. In the lead up to Remembrance Day I am convinced that the students gained a meaningful insight into something we trust they will never have to experience.

My main reason for writing was to complement the students on their interest, their thoughtfulness and their behaviour. The school and their families should be extremely proud of their conduct. As George told them as we left, he is confident that the world is in good hands with young people like them.

Congratulations girls and boys, you impressed Mr Palmer as much as he impressed you.

On Campus Class Updates


For students, this year has been a journey of discovering new skills and finding new joy in playing and writing music.

Prep and Year 1, students continued to explore the fundamentals of music. Through singing songs, prep students have discovered stories within music. Year 1 students have discovered that singing is lots of fun and have found joy in singing with their peers as well as versing them in singing races.

In years 3, 4 and 5 students have been working with instruments of all different kinds. Year 3 have spent the term discovering the glockenspiel. Year 4 have continued learning percussion, developing in their ability to read music. 4/5C have been finishing up their unit with the recorder. Year 5 this term made instruments of their own, using various scrap materials.

Year 6 this term have learnt about the orchestra and spent time researching various instruments of the orchestra and now are continuing to learn songs and play as a group.

Years 7, 8 and 9 have been covering some basic music theory this term and have been learning to play the piano. This is an exciting time as students discover how to play a new instrument or as they continue to develop their skills further as a pianist.

Year 10 have spent the term learning about programme music and how composers are able to describe and imitate stories and objects through the music they write.

Praying you all have a blessed Christmas,

Stuart Bengston

[email protected]  

Year 11 Biology / Year 7 English and Humanities

The Year 11 Biology course has culminated in a two-day excursion where we went to a local farm to assess the water quality of the dams. While the three dams were close to each other, they varied widely in their health and the impacts that their local environment had on them. This provided a perfect case study for the students to learn from and to put their skills to the test.

The students had a great time, getting wet and dirty to collect the data they needed to make their recommendations. This year was especially interesting as it was the first time using the data collection probes that the school has recently invested in. These allowed them to achieve the best data set ever seen at ACC, and to provide new clues into how we can best manage our waterways.

Sticking with the water theme, my Year 7 Humanities classes also got their first taste of waterway management when we went to the pond near our school ovals to make some basic measurements such as the acidity and cloudiness of the water. Nothing beats getting outside the classroom and seeing the environmental impacts on the world around you for yourself.

In English, the Year 7s had their first taste of Shakespeare and turned into poetry wizards overnight, while the Year 8s have been investigating how our language has changed as a result of technology. We also concluded our last round of ACER testing and it was really encouraging to see improvement across the board as a result of the students’ hard work.

I hope and pray that you all have a restful and enjoyable holiday period.

God bless,

Simon Nicholls

[email protected]  

Prep J

Term 4 has seen us consolidating our learning and doing several assessments. We have also enjoyed swimming lessons as well as learning in science about how animals and toys move.

In History we have learnt about how we can know about the past. We set up a class museum with our own artefacts and each child shared with the class how their artefact helps them remember things that have happened long ago.

We have also enjoyed special times with our Year 4 reading buddies.

A definite highlight this term was our excursion to Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. Here are a few stories students wrote about something they enjoyed.

Codey:There was a crocodile and two turtles.

I saw a snake. It was big and scary and it was fierce and unreal. It was

fabulous and good.

Ginny:I saw the greenhouse.
Rushton:I liked the crocodile because it looked real and fierce.
Sienna:I liked the turtle and it was pretty.
Skydon:Me and my friends finding some animals.
Hannah:I liked the slide. It was fun.

It is amazing to think that the students in our class are now finishing their first year of school. They have come a long way from that first day when they walked into our classroom.

I wish to thank the amazing parents and grandparents who have helped in our classroom throughout the year and also those who helped with our excursions. You have been a tremendous help! Also, thanks to all the parents and the support they have given to their child’s learning, as well as our Teacher Aides, Rochelle and Michelle, who have all been a big part of the journey the children have travelled.

I pray that God will bless each one of the children as they start their next big adventure – Year 1!

Kathy Joyce

[email protected]  

Year 12, Senior Maths B, Senior Physics

Year 12s

School (though not learning) is finished for the Year 12 students. The term has been jam-packed with events to celebrate this milestone including the Formal function, the Graduation ceremony at Awards Night and the Final Assembly after which the students left the school premises for the final time as enrolled students of the college. A big “THANK YOU!” to all those who supported the students through organising or attending these events.

Please pray for the students as they await final results, OP scores, university course offers, college placements and/or offers of employment.

Senior Maths B

As in previous years, this term the Year 11 students entered upon the brave new mathematical world of calculus; a very important topic that will dominate their mathematical life in Year 12.

The Year 12s rounded off the year by consolidating and extending upon previous work in calculus, probability and financial mathematics, particularly focusing on what is commonly termed “the time value of money”.

Senior Physics

Both Years 11 and 12 finished the year with interesting topics that went beyond the typical focus on the fundamentals of mechanical and electrical systems.

The Year 11 students tackled the topic of ‘The Physics of Music’, learning about sound waves, sound intensity levels, resonant frequencies and how and why instruments can produce the beautiful sounds that they do.

The Year 12s looked at the various methods of imaging that are used in modern medicine - from X-ray imaging that has been around for a long time, to more modern techniques such as ultrasound, CT scans, nuclear medicine and MRI.

In both subjects we look forward to welcoming Year 10 into the classroom next year to get a ‘head start’ into these challenging Senior School subjects.

Bruce Vaschina

[email protected]  

Year 6F

This term we have enjoyed many new experiences including a visit from the Red Cross Migration Support Unit to teach us about refugees and asylum seekers, learning the basics of first aid and wrapping each other in slings and bandages and many of our students have also been busy representing our school at the touch football and soccer gala days.

But a highlight has definitely been having the opportunity to meet Mr George Palmer, a veteran of the 39th Battalion who fought for Australia along the Kokoda Track. In the lead up to Remembrance Day, students really valued the opportunity to meet Mr Palmer and gain first hand insight into the experiences of our soldiers and the true sacrifices they made for our freedom.

As our year together comes to an end, could I please take the opportunity to congratulate the students of 6F on all of their achievements this year. This is an amazing group of students who have worked hard to support one another through their first year of Middle School. Thank you also for the support we have had from our parents and families. It truly does take a community to support a child and I appreciate the input we have had from you all this year.

From our class to everyone, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a relaxing and joyous holiday.

Alicia Foley

[email protected]  

Library News

Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show By his good behaviour his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom

James: 3:13

2016 has come to an end and what another exciting, full year of programs it was. Our library theme this year ‘Australia - Story Country’ saw a celebration of all things ‘Aussie’ including Australian writers, and local guest authors. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to the many students and parent helpers who have assisted in the library over the year to make these events so special.

Library Monitors

Thank you to these students for consistently showing up each week and for being a valued member of the Library Team. Matthew Clark Year 6, Amelia Clack Year 5, Ethan Turnbull Year 6, Kaiesha Bowley Year 5, Damien Thorpe Year 4, Seth Martin Year 5, Alex Price Year 5, and our Team leader Alex Thorpe Year 5.

Special mention to these students for helping out Phoebe Silens-Lobley Year 6, Abigail Fagan Year 6, Maggie Upson Year 6. To the many other students who have assisted in some way in the library ‘Thank you’. The library has benefited from your valued contribution to assist in the daily running of programs.

Library Class Awards 2016

Encouragement award: Goes to Year 1T Miss Tsui for trying each week with best behaviour, borrowing and book choices.

Most items borrowed: Goes to Year 4 Mrs Payne for excellence in outstanding number of items borrowed each week and great reading.

Best Class - Library Award: Congratulations to Year 3 Mrs Bunston’s class for outstanding use of the library in 2016, brilliant borrowing and book choices. This class was the first class to look up books on the library catalogue - Well Done!

Summer Reading program

We are very excited to announce that once again the fun Summer Reading program will run over the holidays. In the last week of school, students will be able to borrow books to take home in a special ‘Christmas Summer Reading Bag’. This bag will keep your library books safe and sound ready to return in the New Year after being read and enjoyed. This extra reading over the holidays will assist with students keeping up with their reading levels at the start of the New Year.

Thank you to parents for supporting your children in reading

Mums and dads and carers be encouraged, for it is through all your hard work that our children grow to be confident and independent readers. Thank you for taking the time to read to your children each and every day and to enjoy reading together. Thank you for encouraging them to experience the many rewards that reading brings to them.

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." — Margaret Fuller

Next year will be another fun filled and exciting time with the library programs having a very exciting theme “Escape to Everywhere”. So as we wrap up another very busy year in the library, I pray that you will have a Happy, Safe and Blessed Christmas, and I hope you get to ‘Escape with a book somewhere’.

“Happy Reading Everyone!”

Kathryn Hopson


[email protected]