The ‘average Christian’ today is female, black, and lives in a Brazilian Favela or an African village (Bevans 2005). More than 1.3 billion Christians live in the Global South (61% of all Christians live in Asia, Africa and Latin America), compared with about 860 million in the Global North (Global Church, Graham Hill 2016, pp14). Australia, the US and Europe make up the Global North in the writer's definition.

That is an amazing shift in only 100 years. By 2025 it is estimated there are likely to be 160 million Christians in China alone and by 2030 this could be as high as 247 million.

Clearly Matthew 5:14-17 is true:

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”.

Matthew 5:14-17

Globally and locally, we want to be a city set on a hill – a school set on a hill.

Australian Christian College with our curriculum, Distance Education School, our mission trips, and Japanese interchanges build in our students the ‘glocal’ thinking needed in the 21st Century. ‘Glocal’ meaning the local and contextual as well as global and universal. Education, that is not just for the present, for the short-term benefit of our students - such as getting a job in the factory down the road. Nor does it focus just on statistics from a test like NAPLAN, or QCE results. These will not build Christians who can interact with the world, especially other Christians in what is being called the “majority world” where the majority of Christians are and will be living. Our curriculum, and its extra curricular activities and its missions, Japanese visits and Clubs aim to be glocal. We encourage students to not just study a foreign language, but discuss and understand both the local and the global. The local shapes the global and the global shapes the local.

Charlie Hanslow’s innovation to the icebox may go global and change something the world has accepted as standard. 15 year-old Ann Makosinski from Canada was inspired by the story of her friend in the Philippines, who failed at school because she had no light to study with once it got dark, designed and built a thermoelectric flashlight that transforms the heat from your hand into a source of energy without the need for any batteries or electricity. Her device, which she calls the Hollow Flashlight, uses Peltier tiles — a device that produces energy when one side is heated and another side is cooled — to help the light last for over 20 minutes. She sums up in a TED Talk what I am trying to say: “You can’t just sit around waiting for new technologies to evolve and for the Earth to save itself! We all have different but important roles to play in this world!”

Our students need to think local and global, to act local and global, and to pray local and global. It's a worldview we are building alongside our Biblical worldview. We are not an isolated school that only cares about getting a child the chance of a good job, we want to create Christian leaders and Christians who are caring about their ‘glocal’ community and may just one day, change the world.

In School

On the local scene we are building a better physical environment with better parking and I thank you all for your patience and tolerance during this time. My next video clip will be worth seeing as the new building internal walls are going in and the concrete paths around the building are being poured this weekend.

Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival was a great time for all our school - both Distance Education and On Campus - to come together and swim together. Some will go on and represent the college at District Competition; others just had great day swimming for fun. A new parent to our school came up to me and said she had never seen any school like this! The kids were cheering on the slow finishers, and supporting everyone – it is truly amazing! What we do local and the way we build the value of our children locally will determine who they are as global citizens.

Opening Year Celebration

The Opening Year Celebration behind the church was blessed with wonderful weather and was a great success. Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the service. It was a far better venue for hundreds of people rather than the hall. Expect more outside events!


Students have been undertaking ACER testing and the Preps PiPs testing. This is called ‘formative testing.’ It is designed to show the teachers what they need to incorporate into their lessons to help every child. There may even be whole classes where we may need to pick up a skill that has been missed or not taught effectively in the past. This is not ‘summative testing’, which is a test or an exam which goes towards the grade your child receives on their report card.

Our Year 8 to 10 students are away at Camp this week so we pray they have a safe and wonderful experience sharing and learning new skills in an outside environment.

Remember that our staff is here to help make school a wonderful experience, but if it is not happening then your teachers and Coordinators and I need to know about it so we can help. This year we have added a new position of Primary School Coordinator, Mrs Allan, and we have a new Middle School Coordinator, Mr Hughes, both have a lot more non-teaching time than in the past, so they’re there to help you and your child receive the best education we can offer. Please feel free to contact them direct with any issues.

Stay cool during this hot weather.

Gary Underwood
[email protected]  

Important Dates

Term Dates 2017

Term 1: Monday 23rd January to Thursday 30th March

Important Information

Student Withdrawal Notices

One term's notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

Allowance for driving your children to school

Did you know that you may be entitled to an allowance for privately driving your children to and from school?

Financial assistance may be available to parents who have children that attend Non-State Schools with students travelling to and from school daily by private arrangement.

For further details on how much you can claim by distance, download the Conveyance Allowance Payment Details PDF by clicking here

Prep Enrolments 2018

Places are already filling fast for Prep 2018.

If you have a sibling who is due to commence in Prep 2018 can you please ensure you have completed an online application for enrolment (link below):

Please also let your friends know if they would like a place for Prep next year. They must complete an online application asap. Interviews will commence for Prep 2018 in April.

District Sports Trials and Dates for 2017



Regional Date

District Date




12/15 Boys Volleyball





11/10 Girls Softball
12/ Girls Softball

2 March 17

29 & 30 March 2017
19, 20, 21 March 2017

19, 20, 21 March 2017




Burpengary Swim Centre
Burpengary Sports Centre
Caboolture East State School

Garth Mathieson
John Polmear
Bernadette Stewart


Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball
Boys Hockey
Girls Hockey
10/11 Girls Netball
12 Yr Girls Netball

10/11 Rugby League
12 Yr Rugby League

18 - 19 April 2017
18 - 19 April 2017



26 - 27 April 2017
26 - 27 April 2017






Jinibarra State School

Lindsay Rd Morayfield

Caboolture Netball
Caboolture Netball
Tullawong High (RL)

Garth Mathieson

Geoff Buckman

Cassie Howell

Candice Holmes
Jodie Woollett
Geoff Buckman
Adam Fritz


10/12 Boys Soccer
10/12 Girls Soccer

10/12 Golf

Cross Country

4 - 5 May 2017
4 - 5 May 2017




Direct Trials

27/04/ 2017

Bellemere State School

St Eugene College

Station Rd Burpengary

Ross Warner
Imogen Dominello


Boys / Girls Tennis

11/12 Rugby Union

11/12 Girls Rugby League
Boys Touch
Girls Touch

5-6 June 17

8-9 June 2017

22-23 May 17

22-23 May 17



Caboolture Tennis Centre
Caboolture East State School
St Peters Catholic College
Peterson Road Morayfield
Peterson Road Morayfield

Wade Foster

Shawn Osborne

Kate Cross
Frank Bratovic
Stuart MacArthur


Boys Softball

12-13 July 2017


Burpengary State School

Trudy Watkins


Girls Cricket
Track & Field


31 Aug - 1st Sept 17


2 nd  Aug / 3 rd  Aug

Morayfield State school
Apex Park Caboolture

Sanjay Chiba
Rebecca Birt


Boys Cricket

13 - 14 Sept 2017



Grant Road

Bill Brown

Get Started Vouchers Now Available

The next round (Round 9) of the Queensland Government’s Get Started Vouchers program is due to open on 25th January 2017. 

What is Get Started Vouchers?

Get Started Vouchers is an initiative to provide up to $150 to eligible children and young people, to help pay for sport or recreation club membership and/or participation fees through registered clubs.

If the child/young person or their parent/carer/guardian holds a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, they can apply online as soon as the round opens. These children do not need to use the referral agent process.

Updates to the referral agent process

The department is changing the referral agent process to ensure that children and young people who can least afford the costs to participate are supported by Get Started Vouchers. To ensure that the vouchers are going to those families most in need, a new referral agent process will be implemented from Round 9. 

The department now requires that eligible referral agents register with the department to be able to refer children and young people for a voucher. Further details regarding referral agent criteria and eligibility requirements are on our website, along with fact sheets for parents and referral agents. Visit the following webpage for the information:

A child/young person can be referred to the program by a registered referral agent if they have access to a Health Care Card/Pensioner Concession Card, where there are significant issues that prevent the parent/carer/guardian from applying.

These issues may include:

  • Internet or computer access;
  • Computer illiteracy; and
  • Living in rural/remote areas with limited internet capability.

Further to this, referral agents may apply on behalf of a parent/carer/guardian where they are aware of the need for financial support to join their local sport or recreation club, and are assisting in their professional capacity.

For further information on the Get Started Vouchers program, please refer to the website -

If you have any specific questions about the program then please email the team at  [email protected].

What’s Happening On-Campus

We are now well into the term. Thank you to everyone for your patience with the car parking situation. It looks like continuing for a while longer during this term.

Year 12 Induction

At a recent Senior Assembly our Year 12's received their badges for 2017. They were encouraged to do their best, be involved in all school events, enjoy the year and to stay close to God. The ceremony concluded with our Chaplain, Lee, praying for the Year 12's.

Fitness Equipment

I have been investigating further the obtaining of some fitness equipment for our Middle School students. During assembly our Middle School leaders surveyed our Year 6-9s to find out what sorts of equipment they would most want. There was a choice of about 20 pieces put forward to the students. Not surprisingly, the more expensive ones were most popular. One of the factors involved in the final selection of which equipment is chosen will be optimizing the range of equipment - it will be better to have a broader range than just a few pieces of the more expensive ones.

Running Training

For quite a number of years students from our school have been blessed to be able to access running training from qualified athletics coach Ron Le Sage. Ron is currently holding training on the softball field near the church on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 7am. Ron coaches running for children aged Prep and upwards. Teacher supervision is not provided so parents will need to stay with their children until official duties commence at the school at 8:10am. Children will also need to be changed into their formal uniform before school starts unless of course they have HPE lessons during that day.

David Lewis
Deputy Principal
[email protected]

Senior School Updates

Towards the end of last year, and in particular the latter part of Term 4, we began a discussion with our senior students about their ‘legacy’. What did they want their legacy to be? How could they be influencers and leave a little of themselves and their journey behind?

As we head into the middle of Term 1, it is already obvious that our students in Senior School are determined to make their journey count and to leave a positive legacy! It is so pleasing to see that our students have started the year strong with commitment and involvement in a number of recent events and initiatives, as outlined below:

Leaders Breakfast

Last Tuesday our senior student leaders attended a breakfast at Mueller College together with student leaders from a wide variety of other secondary schools. This was a great opportunity for students to network with other students and the message from the speaker was both challenging and inspiring.

Our senior students were wonderful ambassadors and came back to school with more ideas than ever about how they can contribute to our College – and truly leave a legacy.

Swimming Carnival

This year senior students at the Swimming Carnival turned out for this event in the best numbers ever! I was so proud of all of our senior students - Years 10, 11 and 12 – as they demonstrated real leadership by actively participating in every aspect of this sporting event. It is exciting to see such improved College spirit and the way our students so positively interacted with the younger students.

In addition, to foster our student’s developing leadership skills, we are making changes to our senior assemblies. These weekly events will see a shift away from a teacher led, ‘lecture’ type traditional event and move towards creating an assembly where students lead and share as co-collaborators of assembly. Senior students will have opportunity to both learn and lead through sharing in the following categories:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • How I Learn
  • News and Current Affairs
  • College Spirit

As we head off to camp this week, it is our prayer as staff that, amongst the awesome activities planned, that we use this opportunity to help students improve their relationships with one another and build on the work we have already begun.

Anita Newell
[email protected]  

Middle School Updates

Term 1 is slipping away fast and Easter Break will be on us before we know it. Already this term, I have had the privilege of teaching most of the Middle School classes and have been extremely impressed with their behaviour. They have been a delight to teach.

Since the last newsletter, the Middle School students have sat the ACER testing; this allows us to get a gauge on where each of the children are at, how they have improved and how we can best help them. It’s also an excellent practice for NAPLAN, which, even though it is Week 4 next term, will be on us before we know it.

Other important dates to lock into your diary are the Middle School camps. Mr Gandini will forward more detailed information about these camps very shortly, but, for now, the dates are as follows:

Year 6: 1st to 4th August (Week 3, Term 3)
Years 7–9: 24th to 26th July (Week 2, Term 3)

Once again, thank you for your patience in relation to the work on the carpark and the mess this is creating around drop-off and pick-up time. However, as I always tell the Middle School students, challenges are opportunities, and I am proud that our community is taking this opportunity to be the best representatives of Christ we can be.

Derek Hughes
[email protected]  

Primary School Updates

What a great beginning to Term 1. Last week all students in the primary area undertook ACER testing for Reading, Vocabulary and Math. Over the next few weeks primary class teachers will be analysing the data collected and creating individual learning plans for each child in their class. Once class teachers have written these plans, a parent-teacher information evening will be organised.

Please be aware that following some issues with iPads, iPads are not to be used in the mornings on campus before school commencement or after school whilst students are waiting to be picked up. Teachers on duty in the mornings will remind students of this. Students have the option to go outside and play or use the handball courts.

Please ensure all students are wearing the correct formal and PE uniform on the required days as stipulated in the school policy handbook. Should you have any concerns or unable to clothe your student in the correct uniform please provide a letter of exemption for that day or enquire at the office about other temporary arrangements that can be made until you are able to do so.

Just a gentle reminder that chapel commences at 8:45am in the school hall. This week students, who were to receive an award week last week due to ACER testing, will receive it this week along with others. All are welcome. With the extremely hot weather it is also important to ensure your child is provided with a water bottle and hat each day.

Dates to Remember

School Photos - Wednesday 22nd February

Fiona Allan
[email protected]

On Campus Class Updates

Year 4G

What a fantastic start to the year for 4G. We have dived straight into learning and we are enjoying all the fun hands-on activities in Geography, Science and English. In Geography the students are learning about sustainability and recycling. They are very excited to make their very own self-watering plant in the next few weeks. In Science the students have been investigating erosion. They have been looking at different soils and rocks to see how they fare in different conditions. In English the students have been looking at narratives and how to make their stories sound better. They have been letting their imaginations run wild. It’s wonderful to see

GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! Year 4 had a fantastic time at the swimming carnival. It was great to see so many of the Year 4’s swimming not just 1, but multiple times throughout the day. Well done to the students who gave it a shot, even if they were not feeling so confident.

Alyce Groves
[email protected]  


Australian Christian College held its annual swimming carnival on Thursday 9th February at Caboolture Aquatic Centre. All students from Years 4 to 12 were encouraged to come and participate in the competitive atmosphere designed to help generate house spirit and set a precedent for the rest of the sporting carnivals this year.

The carnival kicked off at 9.30am with the 50m freestyle races, which was very popular with all competitors. We were fortunate enough to have around 60 Distance Education students join us for the carnival, which filled out the events. It was great to see both On Campus and Distance Education students interacting positively and engaging in a friendly sense of competition.

The determination of some of our young Year 4 and 5 students was admirable as they gave their best effort, with some students competing in all 50m events. This shows a bright future for College swimming as these students progress into middle and senior schooling.

House teams also showed great pride and enthusiasm when screaming their house war cries. It is exciting to see the house spirit that is developing across the school and a lot of the credit needs to go to our current house captains. Most of them went above and beyond to ensure they had participants in races and war cries shouted throughout the day.

The day was a great success. Rebecca Birt and myself would like to thank all students, teachers and parents for their support and effort. Overall points totals, house shields and Age champion medals will be presented at an upcoming College assembly.

Well done to the students who have been nominated to go on to compete on behalf of Australian Christian College at district trials.

To those students competing as part of the secondary team at Caboolture Aquatic Centre on the 17th February the College wishes you all the best in your aspirations to reach the district team.

Cameron Johnson
[email protected]

Senior Science

Science – the very word evokes the imagination and wonder of children. This unique subject surrounds us at every turn. It is in every aspect of our daily lifestyle from cooking and gardening, to recycling and comprehending the daily weather report, to reading a map and using a computer!

Advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace, and our children’s future will surely be filled with leaps in technology we can only imagine. Being ‘science literate’ will no longer be just an advantage but an absolute necessity. We can’t escape from the significance of science in our world.

This year the Science program will be aiming to help students participate in a number of exciting opportunities in our community. These may include:

  • Participate in the World Science Fair
  • Science Competitions
  • Science Show Incursions (Primary School)
  • Science Week (All grades)
  • Science Workshops at Universities such as QUT, USC and UQ

From 22nd to 24th March the Brisbane City Council is hosting the annual international World Science Fair. There are mini conferences with NASA representatives and scientists, art exhibits, orchestral and dramatic performances, workshops and a variety of stalls. This is an incredible opportunity for any aspiring young scientists. Your child can participate in any of the open events held during the festival. For more information visit

Emmalee Steindl
[email protected]

Year 3B

We are excited to be back at school and meeting new friends. For the first two weeks we have been settling back into the class and making sure our two new friends feel welcomed into our class. Week 3 we have had fun completing ACER tests. After one of our ACER tests we got to view some of the new books that have arrived in the library. We had fun reading them and discovered some of the book titles are named after our friends. We have been learning in class that reading is fun and love that we have new books to read. We are looking forward to buddy reading with the Preps and showing them the new books in the library next term.

year 3 reading

Rebecca Bunston
[email protected]

Year 6F

Welcome to Middle School Year 6!

We have had a great to start to our year and already students have loved being involved in Middle School Chapel and Sports. It is a big step from Year 5 to Year 6 but the students have embraced the challenge with a great mindset and positive attitude.

As we move into the next few weeks, our class will be creating our own electrical circuits, designing a website to advertise the Asian countries we are learning about, writing their own songs using GarageBand and learning all about how to manage a balanced lifestyle.

With a focus on seeing the good in people and finding ways to support one another through challenges and successes, I have no doubt that this year will be one of personal triumph for many students, and I pray, a year in which we will all develop a deeper understanding of our God and His love for us.

Alicia Foley
[email protected]


Well the year is off and running and we’re all looking forward to a great year in Japanese. This year I’ll be teaching Japanese from Prep to Year 10 and I hope I’ll have some exciting news to tell you in the coming months. For now, this is what is happening in Term 1.

In three weeks we’ll be hosting a group of high school Japanese students from Tomei Senior High School. This year we’ll be expanding the number of incoming Japanese tours to five. In the next few months we’ll hopefully have some Japanese excursions up and running that will give students a chance to sample some Japanese cuisine and culture.

On Monday afternoons between 3.15pm and 4.15pm I’ll be hosting the Japanese Club. The club will mainly be aiming at Year 8 , 9 and 10 students. We’ll be focusing on the hiragana and katakana scripts and Japanese culture and cuisine. The emphasis will mainly be on fun.

During the next school holidays a small group of teachers will be going to Japan to research certain aspects of the Japanese Education system. Hopefully, we’ll be able to extend the invitation to a group of students in the near future.

Tony Usher
[email protected]

Library News

Congratulations to our new library monitors for 2017

We congratulate the new library monitors for 2017 who come from Mr Cran and Mr Hnialum Year 5 classes. Applications were outstanding and the choice was very difficult. For those of you who missed out this term you are still very welcome to come and volunteer as a library helper.

Library Monitors

Brydie Marks, Ella Wylie, Gabrielle Van Renen, Jenny Smith, Claire Herron, Damien Thorpe, Trent Price and Arien Gill.

Our friendly library monitors are there to assist you in the library. We also have the school’s Prefects dropping in to meet you from time to time. They will often have a game with you if you ask politely!

What’s On?

The library is a lovely cool place to be on a hot day and has certainly been a hive of industry these past few weeks. At morning tea there is quiet reading and colouring in. Lunch time you can play a quiet game of chess or checkers and play a few other card games as well as colouring in.

Jenny & Claire 5C - New library monitors enjoy colouring in.

Challenging our Prefect Josh to Chess

Ella, Brydie and Gabrielle - our library monitors - looking forward to meeting you in the library!

Students enjoying all the new books!

The Library Buzz!

The library can be a little busy at times and I would like to thank the students for their behaviour over the past weeks. It is a pleasure to see our students so well behaved toward each other. Especially thanking each other after a game or sharing a game with a new student to the school to make them feel welcome. We welcome you and invite you to come to your library and enjoy the Buzz!

Happy reading everyone,

Kathryn Hopson
[email protected]