As I write this from Melbourne, I have taken note that it is a brisk 5 degrees, but sunny. I think after five years in Queensland I am so used to the warmth that the cool of Melbourne seems much colder than I remember. We have a lot to be thankful for in Queensland apart from the weather. One key factor is that there are few low fee Christian schools in Melbourne or Sydney like we have in Queensland. In our school 37% of parents are earning an income that equates with the bottom 25% of incomes across the country. As I said to students at assembly yesterday, they are so lucky to have parents who have prioritised their children’s education above other expenditure. At least in Queensland schools like ours are an option and we will do all we can to provide the highest quality education and service and support of parents that we can. Our dedicated Christian staff will do all they can to help each child succeed. The recent publicity around the federal budget and education spending will have an impact on our school. It will provide substantially more government funding than we receive now, which will help every child, especially those with learning support needs. Of course, parents in our Day School may not realise but our Online School, or Distance Education school, receives about one-third of the funding of a day school. Because of this, we are encouraging the government to make education funding the same for each child regardless of how they study or where.

I saw our dedicated teachers at work again this week with the Afterschool Clubs presentation. What a fantastic night with happy children, happy staff and excited parents seeing their children perform, cook or play sport. Even though we do not have expensive theatres and cooking centres we have enormous love and respect between our children, families and our teachers which money cannot buy. Thank you so much to the staff who volunteer their time after school for the clubs.

As I read all the reports last week, I saw the comments from staff about the growth of the individual child and not just their academic results. There was that attempt by teachers to show how each child was growing as a valuable person in God’s eyes who is not just defined by their academic results. We aim to nurture each child to be their best and their best is not just measured in academic results – it is how they work with other children, how they interact with staff, how they grow in their understanding of the world and its needs around them. We want to encourage creativity, problem solving, as well as students who love and care for others. So your child’s report is just a glance at their academic performance, and that is only part of the child we want to build with you into adulthood. Does that require high school fees, fancy buildings, a pool, and hundreds of acres of natural bushland? No, it needs committed teachers and parents who love their children and will give all they have to see them grow and achieve. If you are concerned about the report your child receives then please speak to staff at the Parent Teacher Night, and if you need more time or cannot get there, then please arrange a separate time to talk with your child’s teachers, or Mr Lewis or myself. We are very aware of the commitment our parents make to send their children to our school and will do everything within our power to make it the best experience we can.

I pray all our families have a wonderful holiday break and a very safe one.

God bless you all

Gary Underwood
[email protected]  



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TERM THREE 2017 (9 Weeks)

Monday 17th July - Friday 15th September

  • Students Return
    Monday 17th July
  • Exhibition Holiday
    Monday 14th August
  • QCS Test
    Tuesday 29th - Wednesday 30th August
  • School Holiday Dates Saturday 16th September - Monday 2nd October

TERM FOUR 2017 (9 Weeks)

Tuesday 3rd October - Thursday 30th November

  • Students Return
    Tuesday 3rd October
  • Staff planning day
    Friday 1st December
  • Cambodia Discovery Tour
    December holidays (Dates TBC)
  • School Holiday Dates
    Friday 1st December - TBA

Important Information

Student Withdrawal Notices

One term’s notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

Allowance for driving your children to school

Did you know that you may be entitled to an allowance for privately driving your children to and from school?

Financial assistance may be available to parents who have children that attend Non-State Schools with students travelling to and from school daily by private arrangement.

For further details on how much you can claim by distance, please go onto the Dept of Transport and Main Roads - Conveyance Allowance Payment Details. There is a PDF application available for viewing including a table of distance verses weekly rebate claim.

Prep Enrolments 2018

If you have a sibling entering Prep in 2018 please complete an online application for enrolment ASAP,

If you know of anyone who is interested in a place for Prep next year please let them know that interviews will be commencing in April. Siblings have an automatic place and do not require an interview but applications and documentation are still required.

Please contact Carolyn at [email protected] or 54906103.

Congratulations Lily Parkinson

Big congratulations to Lily Parkinson who came 12th at Regional Cross Country. Lily came within two spots of going to the state trials. This means that Lily was the 12th fastest 12 year old in all of the Sunshine Coast Region. Well done Lily!

District Sports Trials & Dates for 2017



Regional Date

District Date




Boys / Girls Tennis

11/12 Rugby Union

11/12 Girls Rugby League

Boys Touch

Girls Touch

5-6 June 17

8-9 June 2017


22-23 May 17

22-23 May 17






Caboolture Tennis Centre

Caboolture East State School

St Peters Catholic College

Peterson Road Morayfield

Peterson Road Morayfield

Wade Foster

Shawn Osborne

Kate Cross

Frank Bratovic

Stuart MacArthur


Boys Softball

12-13 July 2017


Burpengary State School

Trudy Watkins


Girls Cricket

Track & Field


31 Aug - 1st Sept 17


2nd Aug / 3rd Aug

Morayfield State school

Apex Park Caboolture

Sanjay Chiba

Rebecca Birt


Boys Cricket

13 - 14 Sept 2017



Grant Road

Bill Brown

Free Health Check Day


If a student arrives late to school after 8:50am they must come to administration for a yellow Late to Class slip.

Home Stay Opportunities

Get to know a student from overseas!

“Home Stay” is a fantastic way to befriend someone from another part of the world and learn about different cultures.

In Term 3, Australian Christian College - Moreton will be hosting Japanese students for the following dates:

28th July - 8th August 2017

High school students (16/17 year olds) from Kokura High School will be making their annual visit and staying in Caboolture for 11 nights.

20th – 25th August 2017

Middle school students (14/15 year olds) from Katsushika city, Tokyo, will be visiting the college for the second time, and staying in Caboolture for 5 nights.

We are seeking families in our local community who can welcome these students into their home for a short stay.

Families from Prep to Year 12 are welcome to apply (i.e. your child does not have to be the same age as the students) and our wish is for the majority of these students to stay with college families to truly experience the Australian Christian College community.

Interested families will receive an introductory session with a Home Stay support staff, have access to a 24/7 support line, and receive non-taxable payment to cover the cost of providing three meals per day, school drop off/pick-ups, and normal household utilities.

If you would like to be part of this exciting program, please contact Home Stay Coordinator Mimi Petrusma on 0402 888 970 or email [email protected]

Free autism workshop for families on the Sunshine Coast

Free autism workshop for families on the Sunshine Coast being held Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th July

Like all school-age students, children on the autism spectrum benefit from strong, positive relationships between the home and school. Positive Partnerships uses evidence based materials and practical resources to help support these relationships by facilitating workshops for parents and carers in your local community. Click here to view the flyer for details on the venue and times.

Students Late to Class

If a student arrives late to school after 8:50am they must come to administration for a yellow Late to Class slip.

Does your child need a medical specialist while learning at ACC?

Please ensure that the school is notified. This has two main benefits, first, we are concerned about every child and the more information we have the better we can help; secondly, those specialist will contact the school for information so we need to know you have engaged them so we can respond. If you can do this it will help us work better with your child.

Some examples of medical specialists include: behavioural optometrist, psychologist, occupational therapist etc.

2017 Student Residential Address Collection

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training is currently undertaking the 2017 Student Residential Address Collection. As a parent/guardian you do not need to provide any information directly to the department. The only thing you need to do is ensure your address details are up-to-date with our school. If you need to update your child’s/children’s residential address details, please contact the office.


ACC Clubs have started with a bang this year with many students getting involved and having a great time. We have 4 new Clubs starting in Term 2 including Craft Club, Soccer Club, Table Tennis Club and Senior Survival Club. Please see the table below for available Clubs and their timing.


Spaces Left


Athletics Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Dance Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Japanese Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Cartooning Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Art Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Table Tennis Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Puzzlers Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Design & Animation Club


Monday 3:15-4:15

Cooking Club


Thursday 3:15-4:15

Photography Club


Thursday 3:15-4:15

Drama Club


Thursday 3:15-4:15

Soccer Club


Thursday 3:15-4:15

Craft Club


Thursday 3:15-4:15

At this stage in Term 2 we have 167 students either signed up to ACC Clubs or on a waiting list. This equates to over a third of our on campus students. This is exciting and I thank you for your enthusiasm to have your children involved in greater aspects of College life. We are looking forward to growing even more in the future and look forward to your continued support.

If you would like any more information regarding our ACC Clubs or would like to sign your student up to a Club or a waiting list please contact me via email on [email protected] and we’ll try to work something out. See below some photos of student involvement in our Clubs so far.

Yours in Christ,

Cameron Johnson
ACC Clubs Coordinator

This graphic was designed by Tylar Magee to promote our new ACC Cafe.

What’s Happening On-Campus

Mid-Semester Break

We are now halfway through the school year. This term seems to have gone quite quickly, compared with last term which tended to drag on while the car park and new building were being finished. This term has been an exciting time with the opening of the new primary building, having the new carpark completed, and installing the new playground area.

The mid-semester holidays for students are three weeks. Students return on Monday, July 17.

Exam block

The Year 10, 11 and 12 classes have had their official exam block in the last week of term. Teachers will be finalizing their reports over the school holidays making them ready for issuing the second week of school and ready for the parent/teacher interview night on 20 July.

Athletics Carnivals

This year we are once again running two separate athletics carnivals - the P-3 one will have been held on the last day of term, the Year 4 - 12s will be the first week back of Term 3.

After-School Showcase

The after-school clubs recently had a showcase of what they had been doing. It was a well-attended event and the students got to give practical demonstrations of things they had been learning through participating in their club. Thank you to all the teachers who were involved in taking clubs this term - both the ones at lunch-time and after-school.

Have a safe and blessed mid-semester break.

David Lewis
Deputy Principal
[email protected]

Senior School Updates

Mr Underwood, our Deputy Principals and myself recently spent a day with other principals, QCAA and the Tertiary Admissions Centre staff learning more about how the new QCE assessment system will work and how the ATAR will be determined.

As a reminder, the new senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems begin in Queensland with students entering Year 11 in 2019.

The new systems include:

  • a model that uses school-based assessment and external assessment
  • processes that strengthen the quality and comparability of school-based assessment
  • introducing the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

New processes and resources are being developed to strengthen the quality and comparability of school-based assessment, and common external assessment set and marked by the QCAA will increase public confidence in the comparability of student results.

You can view more of this detail on the QCAA website.

Last week at the meeting QCAA identified a new subject Sport and Recreation and spoke about the new subject Psychology, which is very popular subject in Victoria. We also gained more knowledge of how Certificate courses will impact an ATAR score, and only Cert IIIs will be used in this calculation. Cert I and II courses will count towards a QCE but not an ATAR.

The external assessment occupied most of our time and QCAA confirmed that there will be 3 internal school assessments for Year 12 and only 1 external assessment. In subjects with 50% external assessment this will mean that assessment will now rely on the one external assessment. It is worth noting that there will be NO Year 11 assessment, or Unit 1 and 2 assessment (which will replace Year 11 terminology) that will count towards an ATAR score. Year 11 or Units 1 and 2 are just preparation, but a successful conclusion is required for these units. The school is totally responsible for the type of assessment and grading of Units 1 and 2.

While the exam date was not finalised, there was strong debate about whether students should finish their exams before schools have end of year Awards Nights, Formals etc or afterwards. But my feeling of the mood of the meeting was that these may occur after exams are complete. Exams will occur over a three week and 1 day period in November. They will NOT be online (yet!). There will most likely be a short answer and extended answer sections in most. Remember in Queensland the external assessment is added to the school-based assessment and the school assessment is not moderated against the external assessment marks. Students will receive their ATAR score before Christmas. It was also good to hear that students will know the results of their first school-based assessment before they start their exams, which will give them some initiative prior to the exams. But as I have said earlier, what is most important is students trying their best and knowing their goals and direction for the future.

I know that the new QCE, especially the assessment component, will start to worry our Year 9 parents as the year proceeds, as they will be the first students undertaking the new QCE. We are carefully considering all new plans and new staff with this in mind. I will continue to keep you fully informed and plan to run an information session for Middle School parents next term to fill them in on the latest decisions. There is a Statewide Principal Conference in early October and that will relay to them the final decisions about dates and assessment and soon after that we will have a further parent briefing.

Try not to be too concerned about media reports as they often focus on a narrow headlines. I will ensure that you are as up to date as anyone can be. I look forward to seeing you for further discussions in Term 3. Have a wonderful holiday break and a safe one on our roads. God bless all our families.

Anita Newell
Head of Senior School
[email protected]


University Excursions:

Year 7 and 9 QUT Caboolture

Year 10 Experience USC

The Year 7, 9 and 10 classes were each able to experience uni for a day.

Students took part in various hands-on workshops including Engineering (boat building), Computing (3D games design and coding), Education, Law, Nursing, Indonesian etc.

Existing uni students were our hosts for the respective days - answering our students’ questions and giving presentations on uni life, courses, and alternative pathways for uni entry.

Our students really enjoyed their uni experience with some having found a career pathway they would like to investigate further and others seeing uni as an achievable option for future study.

Hopefully this experience has challenged the Year 10s to start thinking about future career paths with university as an option. With SET Plans starting next term I encourage them to continue thinking about options and engaging the ACCM Careers website over the holidays. See email sent to parents on 12 June.

Sue Fraser
[email protected]

Middle School Updates

Middle School families should have received their report cards. This can be an exciting or terrifying time for children and parents alike. Here are some suggestions that I have adapted from an article about reading report cards on that should help to make report time a productive time:

  1. Talk to the teachers if you don’t understand anything – we are here to help and, like you, want the best for your children. Make use of Parent–Teacher Night (Wednesday this week).
  2. Look for something positive to point out first – resist the temptation to start by pointing out areas of disappointment; we’ll get to those in a minute. Try and start with a praise point.
  3. If you have some low grades that need addressing, avoid making judgement statements, try starting with “Tell me how things have been going in …… lately.” This avoids the child’s self defence mechanisms kicking in and blocking the conversation and allows for safe discussion.
  4. Discuss positive strategies that will aid improvement if needed – include your teacher in this discussion. Ask questions like: Is there a website that can help? Do you need to be more proactive in asking the teacher for help?
  5. Remember, your child is more than their grades and schoolwork. Too much focus on these areas of their life increases stress and has a negative impact on their academic outcomes.

And as we come to the end of semester, let me leave you with a bible passage that I have been thinking a lot about lately:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
philippians. 4:6-8 NIV

Derek Hughes
[email protected] 

Primary School Updates

What a great term we have had. Students have been working hard these last couple of weeks in all of their assessments. They are very excited for the upcoming Prep to Year 3 Athletics Carnival and three weeks school holidays.

Holiday Reading

Once again we will be conducting the Holiday Reading Program throughout the term break.

Over the three weeks of school holidays students need to continue to read for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. A reading log will be sent home with each student by class teachers. The minutes read each day by the student need to be logged on the form sent home. This reading log then must be returned on the first day of Term 3 by every student. Reading minutes will be totalled at the beginning of term and prizes will be given out at assembly. Teachers will be ensuring that students have both digital and print form sent home to read over the school holidays. Also please spend some time reminding your child/ren about the two VERY IMPORTANT GOALS of our reading become a better reader and to have fun!

Have a safe holidays and we look forward to seeing you all back in Term 3.

Fiona Allan
[email protected]

On Campus Class Updates

Year 6F

This term, Year 6 has had a significant focus on learning about our Aboriginal history and culture. We were blessed to have one student bring in some traditional paintings, utensils and weapons to share with us. We learnt about the history of Aboriginal civil rights, the Stolen Generations and the Freedom Rides of 1965. We chose our own totem animals and created some beautiful dot paintings and we read and listened to many stories.

IMG_3114.JPG IMG_3116.jpg IMG_3118.JPG

Immersing ourselves in cultural activities on our excursion to Ngutana Lui was definitely a highlight for many students. Experiencing the thrill of running from an out of control boomerang, going on a bush tucker walk, making damper and learning traditional dances were just some of the activities we were privileged to be a part of.

We capped off our Aboriginal studies with the creation of our own Aboriginal comic book. We had to create narrative stories in two ways – our stories had to be written once in traditional English and once using only Aboriginal symbols. The final product is amazing and is in our classroom for anyone interested in having a read.

The students have embraced the learning they have experienced this term and I feel are taking away some important life lessons of tolerance, respect, empathy and love – Christian values that I pray will impact ALL aspects of their lives and the lives of those around them as they go out into the world.

IMG_2995.JPG IMG_3113.JPG
IMG_3027.JPG IMG_3014.JPG

Alicia Foley
[email protected]

Year 12s / Mathematics B / Senior Physics

Year 12s

As I write, we have just begun the Senior School exam block so the Year 12s have a high pressure week ahead. They have reached the halfway mark of their final year of secondary education and are striving to make it through to the end successfully.

The remainder of the year will be full of activity with Term 3 perhaps being the most important period of their school life. It includes the important QCS test and their final assessment pieces before sending their grades to District Panels for the verification process - both of which combine to give their final OP score.

On a more enjoyable note, they have their final farewell functions ahead including their Formal and Final Day Assembly at the end of the year. If parents / caregivers could remember to gather the information recently requested to make these events really memorable, it would be much appreciated.

Mathematics B

Year 10/11 have been working on a mixture of topics this term and are about to hand in their final reports where they have used statistics to examine how much factors, such as location and colour, affect used car prices.

A couple of weeks ago the Year 11s were involved in a trial external exam similar to that which will be used in the new Senior School system due to be begin in 2019. It was a daunting experience but they made it through (with results to be returned early in Term 3). As you can see below - they had a great time studying for it (are those smiles signs of happiness or terrified hysteria) !?!?

Year 11 Maths B - Studying.jpg

The Year 12s have been working on a challenging assignment where they examine a theoretical machine designed to wash fruit by filling and then emptying a large container with holes in the bottom. The “trick” is to find the right number of holes that makes the filling time and emptying time together, add up to the minimum total time. If you have only a few holes then the filling is fast but the emptying is slow but if you have a lot of holes, the filling is slow and the emptying is fast. Using the mathematics of exponential and logarithmic functions, and differential and integral calculus (not to mention the power of computers), they have been able to find the answer.

Fruit Washing Machine.png Senior Physics

Year 10/11 have been investigating the physics principles behind such diverse sports as skydiving, bungee jumping, archery, billiards and hammer throwing. In particular they have tested some of the theories by throwing eggs over the edge of the top floor in the new Primary School building and using all their knowledge, managed to save all but one of the test subjects!

The Year 12s have been experimenting with electricity and investigating topics related to electrical resistance. Some have tested how small torch lights respond to varying current levels, others have investigated how well the different grades of “lead” (actually a mixture of graphite, clay and wax) pencils conduct electricity while other have investigated how different lengths, thicknesses, and materials, affect the resistance of a piece of metal wire.

A Final Challenge

Can you solve the following (from

Square Area Problem.JPG

Bruce Vaschina
[email protected]

Caboolture Courthouse Excursion

On Thursday the 8th of June Mr Newman and Miss Dempsey took the Year 11 Social and Community Studies and Year 12 Legal Studies classes to visit the Caboolture Courthouse. As both classes have been studying the Australian Legal System in different capacities it was a rare opportunity to see how the legal system works first hand. Students were taken on a tour of the various court rooms and even were able to see the process people must take just to enter the courthouse. It was an eye opening experience to see first hand where those who are charged with serious crimes are held before and during the trial and also the most common types of crimes for the area the students live in.


The students found it fascinating to see the reality of the judicial system in our local community and to hear what issues our community does struggle with in regards to crime. For those looking to move into careers in Law after graduating it also was a great opportunity to ask questions from those working in that industry regarding the realities of the job and the types of positions available. Students found this an eye opening experience but they were also thankful to be able to see the ‘real world’ applications of what we study in the classroom.

Elizabeth Dempsey
[email protected]  


Hello everyone!

What an awesome year 2017 has been so far! We finished off Term 1 with an amazing time celebrating Easter, and had 10 of our wonderful junior students choose to follow Jesus! Praise God.

Term 2 has also had many exciting things happening. Our God Squad groups continue to bring students closer to God after many chose to follow Him. We have 3 God Squad groups running currently, and a 4th will begin soon! How awesome is that?!

We’ve also seen our Chapel band grow in number. We’ve seen some new faces and new instruments join the band. It’s exciting to see Mr Bengtson do a great job leading them, and the students continue to take on new challenges and improve their skills.

We had Endless Praise come to the college this term as well. Having them at the school all day is a huge blessing, as they run concerts in the morning for the whole school, visit classes, do workshops at lunchtime and morning tea, and then stick around for a huge concert at night along with the whole college community. It really was a fantastic day and night. Here are some photos from the day to enjoy.

DSC_0518.JPG DSC_0529.JPG DSC_4464.JPG

Lee Nicholls
[email protected]  

Year 2H

Henley, Cara.jpg

It has been a full and exciting term of settling into our new classroom and getting used to new expectation and routines. Students in 2H have particularly enjoyed exploring the brand new playground equipment.

Throughout the term students have been learning about shining the light God gives to us. This learning experience is based on Matthew 5:16

‘In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’
Matthew 5:16

Students have participated in great discussions on how we can love one another like God loves us. They all had a blast performing on chapel to the song ‘Let your light shine’ and making a class video explaining what it means to let your light shine.

In English, students have been writing narratives and using their imaginations to have fun with writing. They look forward to extending their narrative writing next term as we write a class ‘treehouse’ book, inspired by Andy Griffin and Terry Denton.

We look forward to Term 3 and the variety of new and exciting learning opportunities that it will present.

IMG_0148.PNG DSC_4933.JPG IMG_0200 2.JPG

Caraness Henley
[email protected]

Library News

What’s new in the library?

Children’s Book Council of Australia book of the Year Shortlist 2017

In 1946 the CBCA established the annual book awards to promote children's books of high literary and artistic quality. These awards are now the most influential and highly respected in Australia.


Have you dropped into the library lately and viewed the new book display showing the nominations for: for An information book, Older readers awards,‘Best Younger Reader, Early Childhood, Picture books, The Eve Pownall award, The Crichton award for best illustrations in a book? All these new books will be on display until the winners are announced. So why not drop into the library and have a look and perhaps choose a ‘winner’ yourself?

New Library Monitor

Congratulations to our latest Library Monitor to come on Board- Elizabeth Forster! There are two different monitors rostered on each day of the week to assist students with borrowing and playing games and making students feel welcome in the library. Well done this term everyone for your teamwork and continual commitment to the library.

Volunteer thank you

Thank you also to our Volunteer mums - Kelly and Lina, the extra assistance is invaluable to the smooth running of the library. We greatly appreciate your time and skill in helping out in the Library each week.

Over the holidays, we hope you all keep up with your reading. Don’t forget, just 30 minutes a day is all it takes to become a super reader.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Holiday!

God Bless and Happy Reading.

Kathryn Hopson
[email protected]  

Cottrill Road Pedestrian Crossing

If I speed in a school zone...