As I showed a visitor around the school late last week we noticed that there was a staffstudent game in the hall underway, there were many students in the music room and on the stairs playing instruments, there were two boys busy at work tending their vegetable garden, there were students in the STEM room building projects, there were senior students organising games with the Prep students, the new playground was covered in students. AND, this was lunchtime. My visitor was amazed at the enthusiasm of the students with their lunchtime activities and our staff who freely give their time to share their love of learning with our children. Our staff give extra time to our students during the day as well as at Clubs, they have lunchtime duties as well, so on behalf of the parents and the students thanks so much for your dedication to our students.

College Celebration Service

What an amazing night on Thursday night with the College Celebration Service. Thank you to all the families that came and joined in. Looks like we will need more coffee trucks for the next one! It was amazing to see the growth of our music and dance talent. I have placed a few of the musical items onto our Facebook site. The Clubs are certainly having an impact. The excitement and enjoyment of the children was also inspiring. The joy of the Lord was so evident throughout the night. I am looking forward to our next celebration service that will be our Christmas Carols Service (I know! Every year seems to go faster.)

Japanese Visitors from Kokora High School

Our Japanese students from Kokora High School had a fabulous 10 days in Australia. Students from Kokura have been visiting us for 3 years now and each time we strengthen that relationship. Our students continue to build a better understanding of a very different culture and this adds a stronger purpose to learning Japanese in school. Thank you to all the host families for caring for the students and showing them the sights of South East Queensland. Currently we have two ‘experienced’ Japanese teachers working with our teachers learning the way we teach so they can take home some more innovative ways of teaching their students.

Flu time - good hygiene

There is a huge round of flu and sickness having an impact on SE Queensland at this time of the year. Hospitals on the Sunshine Coast where I live are struggling to handle the influx. At school we have had many teachers away sick over the last two weeks. We could not even find or hire relief teachers one day and had to join classes together. We try never to do this, so if you see this happening, this means that my senior staff could not get staff from an agency and have been wearing the phones out trying to find teachers direct, but were unsuccessful. Can I ask parents to NOT send children to school if they are unwell. Can you also explain to your children good hygiene practices at school and when at home. There are hand sanitisers in each classroom and some toilets, and every bathroom has soap dispensers.

Year 6 Horse Riding Camp

Year 6 Horse Riding Camp looked like an amazing time. At assembly we saw our students enjoying the new challenges of living on a ranch. The students returned full of fascinating accounts of their ravels – even the staff. It was very disappointing that only half the children went on such a beneficial experience. We will review how we handle this Year Level camp in 2018.

Interested in becoming a business partner?

The college can obtain a grant for STEM equipment if we have a business partner. Mrs Plotnek and I are asking if any parents are involved in a business where we could work together as partners to obtain the grant for STEM equipment. The involvement could involve visits to the business, advising students and providing feedback. Please contact me at school or via email [email protected]

Gary Underwood
[email protected] 



Please remember our to use our calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

Click 'Google Calendar' to have our events display in your own calendar.



(9 Weeks) Monday 17th July - Friday 15th September

  • Students Return: Monday 17th July
  • Exhibition Holiday: Monday 14th August
  • QCS Test: Tuesday 29th - Wednesday 30th August
  • School Holiday Dates: Saturday 16th September - Monday 2nd October


(9 Weeks) Tuesday 3rd October - Thursday 30th November

  • Students Return: Tuesday 3rd October
  • Staff planning day: Friday 1st December
  • Cambodia Discovery Tour
  • December holidays (Dates TBC)
  • School Holiday Dates Friday 1st December - TBA


(10 Weeks) Wednesday 24th January - Thursday 29th March

  • Students Return: 24th January
  • ACER Testing Week: 5th January - 9th January
  • School Photographs:20th February


(10 Weeks) Monday 16th April - Friday 22nd June

    Students Return: Monday 16th April
  • NAPLAN Testing: 15th - 17th May


(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October + 7th December

Year 9 Parent Information

What: We welcome parents to join us for an important information evening pertaining to students entering into Year 10 in 2018

Where: In the College library

When: 16th August 2017 @ 6:00pm

Interested in running a small business?

Kerry Charnstrom has been doing a great job managing and running our canteen as a small business. It has slowly grown and returns a small surplus with a lot of careful buying and budgeting. Kerry has decided that she needs to spend more time next year working closely with her son who has Special Needs. If you would like to take over this small business can you please contact Fiona Steindl at the college on [email protected].

Important Information

Student Withdrawal Notices

One term’s notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

Allowance for driving your children to school

Did you know that you may be entitled to an allowance for privately driving your children to and from school?

Financial assistance may be available to parents who have children that attend Non-State Schools with students travelling to and from school daily by private arrangement.

For further details on how much you can claim by distance, please go onto the Dept of Transport and Main Roads- Conveyance Allowance Payment Details. There is a PDF application available for viewing including a table of distance verses weekly rebate claim.

Prep Enrolments 2018

If you have a sibling entering Prep in 2018 please click here to complete an online application for enrolment ASAP.

If you know of anyone who is interested in a place for Prep next year please let them know that interviews will be commencing in April. Siblings have an automatic place and do not require an interview but applications and documentation are still required.

Please contact Carolyn at [email protected] or 5490 6103.

Home Stay Opportunities

Get to know a student from overseas!

“Home Stay” is a fantastic way to befriend someone from another part of the world and learn about different cultures.

In Term 3, Australian Christian College - Moreton will be hosting Japanese students for the following dates:

20th – 25th August 2017

Middle school students (14/15 year olds) from Katsushika city, Tokyo, will be visiting the college for the second time, and staying in Caboolture for 5 nights.

We are seeking families in our local community who can welcome these students into their home for a short stay.

Families from Prep to Year 12 are welcome to apply (i.e. your child does not have to be the same age as the students) and our wish is for the majority of these students to stay with college families to truly experience the Australian Christian College community.

Interested families will receive an introductory session with a Home Stay support staff, have access to a 24/7 support line, and receive non-taxable payment to cover the cost of providing three meals per day, school drop off/pick-ups, and normal household utilities.

If you would like to be part of this exciting program, please contact Home Stay Coordinator Mimi Petrusma on 0402 888 970 or email [email protected]

Students Late to Class

If a student arrives late to school after 8:50am they must come to administration for a yellow Late to Class slip.

Does your child need a medical specialist while learning at ACC?

Please ensure that the school is notified. This has two main benefits, first, we are concerned about every child and the more information we have the better we can help; secondly, those specialist will contact the school for information so we need to know you have engaged them so we can respond. If you can do this it will help us work better with your child.

Some examples of medical specialists include: behavioural optometrist, psychologist, occupational therapist etc.

This graphic was designed by Tylar Magee to promote our new ACC Cafe.

What’s Happening On-Campus

We are fast approaching the midway point for this term. Well done to our students on getting into your schoolwork and for your good behaviour.


Many of our students have been going off and competing in district competitions. Well done on your participation, representing our college against the other schools in this area.

Japanese Visitors

Thank you to  those students who looked after the visiting students from the Japanese college. The Japanese visitors seemed to enjoy their stay with us and getting to know our students. There is another group due before too long.


All our level camps have now been completed for this year. Thank you very much Mr Gandini, our camps coordinator , for all your hard work.

Inter-house Volleyball Competition

We have recently run a lunchtime inter-house volleyball competition. Students from middle school and senior school competed in their respective houses to determine which house was the better volleyballers.

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is another inter-house competition. Thank you to Mr. Bengtson for organising this competition. Tt is the first time we will hold something like this at our school, and it's already looking like a big event.

David Lewis
Deputy Principal
[email protected]

Senior School Updates

Year 10 in 2018

Next week we have a scheduled information evening for all Year 9 students and parents to explain our planned Year 10 program for next year and how we will be preparing students for the many changes ahead with the QCE. The details for this information evening is as follows:

6.00pm, Wednesday 16th August 2017

Students beginning Year 10 next year will be the first cohort in 2020 to receive an ATAR in Queensland instead of an OP. Although most other states already use an ATAR this will be very new for Queensland and comes with significant changes to our teaching and learning practices. In particular, for the first time in over 30 years students will again sit external exams as part of their ATAR score calculations.

There is new information coming out form QCAA almost daily about these coming changes but we are committed to keeping you as up-to-date as possible so that you, together with your students, might be able to make the very best decisions for their future.

Consequently, if you have a student in Year 9 this year please come along to this information evening to learn more about ATAR’s, QCE, VET pathways and QTAC requirements - and much more!

Year 11 in 2018

Shortly our current Year 10 students will complete their SET plans with the assistance of both their parents as well as Mrs Fraser, our Head of Student Welfare. This is an important part of a Senior student’s journey and an opportunity to explore all sorts of future pathways and options. Information will soon be sent out regarding SET plans, please keep an eye out for these details.

Anita Newell
Head of Senior School
[email protected]

Middle School Updates

Last week the College camping program continued; this time the Year 6s headed out on a new adventure and to new experiences. The highlight of the week was most definitely the opportunity to ride a horse, for many, including me, this was the first time on horseback. Other activities included whip cracking, billy tea making, damper cooking, cow milking, animal feeding, orienteering ... The students, and teachers, had a great time and many wonderful memories were made.

With the camp season behind us we can focus on the remainder of Term 3 – there is just 6 weeks to go in this term, even though it feels like the Term has just begun. Middle Schoolers have started working on assessment in most of their subjects; please take the opportunity to talk to your children about the assessments they are working on in class and if they need extra help or time. Also, please remember that, at ACC, we believe strongly that students benefit from regular reading at home. This belief is supported by some very good research so we would ask that you encourage daily reading, and in doing so, give your children the best opportunity for success.

Derek Hughes
Middle School Coordinator
[email protected] 

Primary School Updates

At ACC we aim to keep parents well informed of student progress in learning. All students received written reports at the end of Term 2 and a vast majority of families engaged in Parent-Teacher Interviews at the end of Term. Whilst we do not formally schedule interviews in Term 3, I would like to remind all parents that they are most welcome to make contact with teachers at any time of the year. If you have a queries or concern, or if you simply would like more information, please make a time to meet with your child’s teacher to ensure the home-school partnership is well maintained.

Over the next couple of weeks we have some exciting activities coming up with Science Week next week, and Book Week the week after. For Science Week, our Year 5 to 9 students have entered into science competitions and will be displaying their work in the hall on Wednesday 16th August for the primary students to view. The Book Week letter was sent out last week and discusses competitions that will be held for Prep to Year 5 students in the library, as well as the traditional Book Week parade where students dress up as a book character on the Friday 25th August. This year’s theme is “Escape to Everywhere”.

Fiona Allan
[email protected]

Student Services

Important Choices & Decisions

Year 10 & Year 12 students have a number of decisions to make this term. Please ensure you read the information below so you are prepared for what needs to be done.

Year 10 students

This is the term when you will need to lodge your Senior Education and Training (SET) plan. This plan maps out your intended post school options and identifies selected schools subjects that will ensure you meet prerequisite requirements for future study courses. There will be a video for you to watch about SET Plans, an envelope containing a range of information about future study pathways, a handbook with subject options for 2018 and the link to lodge your SET Plan. Keep an eye out for details that will be sent via your student & email in the coming weeks.

Year 12 students

QTAC applications opened Thursday 3rd August for study in 2018. You will need to lodge your application before 29th September 2017. Although I did explain the whole process to you at school, there will also be a video for you to watch that outlines what you will need to do to apply, how to order your preferences and how to look for available scholarships. You also need to check your learning account on Student Connect to ensure all your QCE courses are accounted for and your contact details are correct

Senior Secondary School Information

This course on Schoology is an important place where we share relevant information and advertise opportunities available for senior students. The notification of headings and links are sent to both students and parents via email.

ACCM Careers is a website that we encourage all senior students to explore as it contains a wealth of information about careers and life beyond school. There is even a wonderful resume creator under the student secure area that we direct students to. Please take the time to explore this site.

NB: New requirements for Year 12 graduates wishing to study education (teaching) in 2018 will now be required to submit a 1000 word personal statement, in addition to meeting academic criteria. To understand the application process further and to stay updated, visit the QTAC webpage.

Suzanne Fraser
Head of Student Welfare
[email protected]

On Campus Class Updates

Year 1T

Year 1T have already kicked off a fantastic term of learning. Some learning highlights from various subjects include the following.

In our Literacy session, students have already been working hard with “The Daily Five”. “The Daily Five” is a literacy structure that teaches independence and gives students the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. It consists of five tasks that are introduced individually. When introduced to each task, the children discuss what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to engage in the task independently. Then, the students work on building their stamina (independently working) until they are successful at being independent while doing that task.

In Mathematics, students will be learning to represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies. Students will also learn to give and follow directions to familiar locations. Our Science unit of Earth and Space Science titled ‘Up down and all around’, where students will consider changes in the sky and landscapes and the impact on themselves and other living things. Students will also learn how magnificent God’s amazing creation is beyond the familiar environment. Lastly, In History, students will be exploring different family structures and investigate how leisure time and families roles have changed or remained the same over time. Students have also started to use the school computer and started TypeQuick, which is a self paced learning to type program.

Michelle Tsui
[email protected]

Year 7 & 8 Humanities, Year 12 BCT

So much happens at ACC every week! Dance Club had its first ever performance at the showcase at the end of Semester 1. The dancers were honoured to be the first ever dancers to perform publicly at ACC and were very proud of their efforts. May I say, so was I! For some of these performers they have never danced before and on one hour of dance per week the performers did a lovely job. Next showcase our dance club will showcase a musical theatre piece and a new contemporary work.

YYear 9 are engaging in skills that will enhance all areas of their future. We are focusing on Proverbs – the book of Wisdom in form class and we are learning about the world of work in Business class. These are ‘skills for life’ as we prepare this group for Year 10.

Year 7 & 8 Humanities students have been having a great time exploring the Ancient World and all its mystery! Sometimes they wonder why we are learning such things and candidly ask me the relevance to their life. We explore the world of travel, the interest of different people from a different time and the relevance of Jesus to this historical journey. Connecting the relevance of this study as we embark on their Geography studies, enables the students to become curious about the world they live in.

And last but certainly not least … Year 12 BCT and Social and Community studies students have been extending their learning whilst juggling the trailing times of Year 12 study! Our very successful Year 12 BCT Technology Event educated the students about Healthy Gaming, Cyber-safety and Sound tech and all the students enjoyed the experience. The Year 12’s learnt a lot about Event Management with another team putting on a ACC ‘record-breaking’ fundraiser utilising their excellent Event Management skills. This was a combined effort with both Day school students and Distance Education students. All those involved should be congratulated on their excellent events as well as their great results for this subject. Our Social and Community students will be exploring the World of Work this semester and will prepare a resume, a cover letter and they will be subjected to a ‘real-life’ interview for their assessment. Great life skills for them all!

Isabel Jackson
[email protected]


The start of Term 3 has been very busy for 5C! On the second day back at school the class went to the Redcliffe PCYC for bicycle training as part of our health unit. After a couple of hours of theory, the class hopped on their bikes and tried their best not to break any road rules riding around the track. Everyone did a fantastic job but we did have a couple of repeat offenders that ended up in bike jail! It was an important day and I know each student learnt vital lessons about riding and obeying the road rules.

This week we had a classroom visit from the Japanese students. They presented various topics including; Summer festivals, Japanese leisure, Japanese annual events, Japanese anime and Japanese bento. Our class had lots of questions for the visiting students and were amazed at how well they spoke English.

In devotions we are looking at what it takes to be a good leader. As a class we have been discussing the below three points:

  • Be courageous: Being a good leader takes courage. People respect leaders who know what is truly important and who stand up for what they believe in.
  • Be an example: Do what is right and change what is wrong. Josiah found out all he could about living a life that is pleasing to God. Then as he grew older and saw all the wrong, sinful things around him, he did what he could to stop the evil.
  • Be loyal to God: Serving God and doing what is right could make you unpopular with certain people. Josiah was not concerned about what people thought of him. Unlike his father, he chose to please God rather than people.

In everything set them an example by doing what is good.
Titus 2:7a

Nathan Cran
[email protected]


2017 has been full of opportunities for students to perform. Many students have been involved weekly in chapel bands for both Primary and Secondary Schools. The Term 3 Church service is going to be an excellent night seeing students perform. ACC is also holding its first Battle of the Bands, with six student bands ready to perform it should be an entertaining show. The Battle of the Bands will be held during school time and all parents and caregivers are welcome to attend. Details about this will be released soon.

The Music Bus is also getting ready to create a band for performances and competitions.

This term many of the Primary classes have been learning about how we can use loud and soft to make music more entertaining. Year 3 have continued learning the ukulele - please encourage your children to practice at home. Year 4 have begun learning percussion, learning to read music and play as a group. Year 5 are creating their own instruments this term and Year 6 are continuing to learn how to compose music, this time using the pentatonic scale.

In Secondary, Year 7P have started learning guitar and covering some basic musical theory. Many are surprised at how quickly their skills are growing when they are practicing. Their in-class performance is in Week 9. Year 8 have begun learning how to play a drum kit. Students are encouraged again to continue practicing. Year 9 this term are studying how music can be used to affect film and how we can use music to twist the audience's emotions - it will be a very interesting unit.

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Psalm 59:1 (NIV)

Stuart Bengston
[email protected]

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