I am pleased to report that two days with all the State’s principals and QCAA and QTAC senior staff left me very positive about the changes to the new QCE. Apart from all the information on curriculum, exams and procedures, it was very reassuring to understand that the new curriculum for senior years is built on a set of 21st Century skills and international research about the skills students will need in the 21st Century. Along with basic literacy and numeracy, these 21st Century skills are the underpinning factors that shape our senior syllabuses.

These skills will give our students the skills and confidence to meet the demands for higher education, work and life, and to be part of the complex new world of work in the future.  While a syllabus will look like it focuses on Biology or Maths B or Geography, underlying all these is the following 21st Century skills including: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, personal and social skills, and information and communication technologies (ICT) skills. It identifies that our senior students need to be innovators, entrepreneurs, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

These very closely resemble the changes we have been making in Middle School over the last two years, so our students will be very well prepared for the new courses. It is interesting to think about this. It means that students will not be just recalling facts and reciting these in school and external assessment. They will need to problem solve, apply knowledge to new situations, and work in team projects. There is a lot of change coming but I now feel confident that our students will be ready for QCE when it starts.

Obtaining a QCE will also mean a proficiency in literacy and mathematics that is why we have been so focused on testing students’ literacy and numeracy skills, and then modifying the help we give each student. We have great literacy skills now after 4 years of hard work from home and school. We need to continue to focus on this skill development at home as well as school if we want our children to have the best possible outcomes in senior school and to achieve their dreams and the goals God has in store for them.

As ACER testing starts next week you can prepare your children by being encouraging, develop a ‘have-a-go’ attitude to unknown questions, and reminding them that this is for the teachers to learn how they help you more in class. It is important that they try hard and focus because we want to give the right help where it is needed. Thank you for your support on this.

Gary Underwood
[email protected]



Please remember our to use our calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

Click 'Google Calendar' to have our events display in your own calendar.



(9 Weeks) Tuesday 3rd October - Thursday 30th November

  • Students Return: Tuesday 3rd October
  • Staff planning day: Friday 1st December
  • Cambodia Discovery Tour
  • December holidays (Dates TBC)
  • School Holiday Dates Friday 1st December - TBA


(10 Weeks) Wednesday 24th January - Thursday 29th March

  • Students Return: 24th January
  • ACER Testing Week: 5th January - 9th January
  • School Photographs:20th February


(10 Weeks) Monday 16th April - Friday 22nd June

  • Students Return: Monday 16th April
  • NAPLAN Testing: 15th - 17th May


(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October & 7th December


Student Withdrawal Notices

One term’s notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

Prep Enrolments 2018

If you have a sibling entering Prep in 2018 please complete an online application for enrolment ASAP,

If you know of anyone who is interested in a place for Prep next year please let them know that interviews are currently underway. Siblings have an automatic place and do not require an interview but applications and documentation are still required.

Please contact Carolyn at [email protected] or 54906103.

Students Late to Class

If a student arrives late to school after 8:50am they must come to administration for a yellow Late to Class slip.

Does your child need a medical specialist while learning at ACC?

Please ensure that the school is notified. This has two main benefits, first, we are concerned about every child and the more information we have the better we can help; secondly, those specialists will contact the school for information so we need to know you have engaged them so we can respond. If you can do this it will help us work better with your child.

Some examples of medical specialists include: behavioural optometrist, psychologist, occupational therapist etc.

ACCM attends the Women in Sport Breakfast

I had the pleasure of taking 6 of our female sport and house captains to the annual Women in Sport Breakfast held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. They had the pleasure and inspiration to hear from 3 amazing athletes in their field; Kate McCarthy from the Brisbane Lions, Lakeisha Patterson OAM Paralympic swimming gold medalist and Lucy Stirling champion speed climber. The girls had a great time and commented on how inspiring the athletes were. It is my hope this will become a regular event attended by our female house and sport captains each year.

Cameron Johnson
[email protected]

Movie Highlight: The Star

At 4:00pm on Saturday 25th November, The Caboolture Ministers' Network will be previewing "The Star".

This movie is ideal for parents and grandparents especially, but for anyone who would like to invite and take children to a wholesome movie which will tell them about the amazing wonder of Christmas.

The cost is a special low price at $8.00 per ticket.

The purpose is not only to provide wholesome entertainment, but also to raise funds to enable us to continue to support ministry to our community.

Tickets are now available from Hank, and you can email him if you would like to get tickets.

Feel free to contact Hank on 0402059013 or email him at [email protected]

Tickets are also available at the administration desk at the College

Horse Riding and Training

Middle schoolers commence their first Horse Riding and Management afternoon at Paloma Equestrian Centre. All students had a wonderful time and there were plenty of smiles all round. Riding will continue on a trial basis for the remainder of this year and continue on into 2018 pending student interest. If you have a student in Middle School that would like to attend  please email [email protected] for further information.

Reading Tutor Volunteers Needed

There are many benefits to volunteering such as:

  • Connecting you with others
  • Make new friends and contacts
  • Enhance your social and relationship skills
  • Team building and bonding
  • Good for mind and body
  • Good for your career
  • Provides career experiences
  • Enhance or learn valuable job skills
  • It's fun and fulfilling!

Do something you love and give back to the school community!

Reading Tutor is or one-to-one phonics program that is run for students who struggle with literacy. It is used in learning support department across the state and has shown to be beneficial in improving reading. A reading tutor volunteer works with students 1 to 3 times a week, and helps students with sight words and learning knew sounds. The program is easy to follow and fairly hassle free, though experience working with children would be great.

What do you need to be a reading tutor volunteer?  It’s easy, just complete an interest form specifying that you would like to help out in reading tutor, complete our induction course and blue card application and you’re good to go.

If you are already working at the college as a volunteer and would like to help out with reading tutor please contact Joel Hogan a [email protected]

Volunteer Interest Forms available at Reception.  

The above graphic was designed by Tylar Magee to promote our new ACC Cafe.

What’s Happening On-Campus

Year 12 Events 

For our Year 12's their term, and indeed their formal schooling, is now almost complete. The Year 12 formal is only a few weeks away. Week Seven of this time will be a busy week as we have Awards Night on 14 November (where we "graduate" them), the Year 12 Formal on the 16th and the following day the Year 12 Final Assembly. Over the last number of years this has been a big and important assembly where we recognize the achievement of Year 12 students in completing their schooling. We have had a bagpiper lead them into the special assembly and at the conclusion lead them through the middle of two long lines made up of our Prep to Year 11 students cheering them on. We are hoping to do that once again this year for our current Year 12 cohort.

Japanese Visit

The Japanese visitors have been and gone. They seemed to enjoy their visit and time spent with our students. Thank you to all those students who acted as buddies for the Japanese students and thank you to the host families who took them in.

We have another group of Japanese students coming in at the beginning of week six.

ACER Testing

During week five students will be given short tests to see how they are going, and the progress they have made , so far this year in literacy and numeracy . Often times we have had a lot of students gaining 2 or 3 years in their reading ability.

Encouraging students to read in their own time, as well as in class,  helps their comprehension and has a flow on effect to improvement of other subjects as well .

David Lewis
Deputy Principal
[email protected]

Senior School Updates

Assessment Calendars and Exam Block schedules

All students and parents should now have a copy of the assessment and exam schedules for this term. It is assumed that your student/s will spend significant time preparing for these important assessments in order to do their very best this semester and we encourage you to plan with them regarding assessment timelines and organisation, where at all possible.

In addition, please read the following as a REMINDER of procedures regarding Exam Block for Years 10 to 12, between 3-10 November:


  • Appropriate reasons for missing an exam include -
    • Illness
    • Personal/family crisis
    • Unforeseen, and unavoidable, circumstances that prohibit the student from attending their exam
  •  Should a student be unable to attend an exam for any of the reasons above, the following will apply -
    • Appropriate documentation will need to be supplied i.e. medial certificates etc.
    • Parents should contact the school by phone to notify them regarding the student’s absence from the exam
    • The student’s teacher and the Head of Senior School should be contacted, via email, to advise of the missed exam and to negotiate a new schedule

The following information applies only to Year 11 and 12 students...


  •  School uniform should be worn by all students attending block exams
  • All students should arrive for their exams at least 15 minutes prior to the exam session start time. Exam session times are as follows, unless otherwise directed by your teacher:
    • Morning session – 9.00am-11.30am
    • Afternoon session – 12.30pm-3.00pm
  • Students are only expected to be on the school campus for the scheduled time of their exam. Where at all possible, students should arrive for their exam and leave the campus after their exam; however, the following applies for those who remain on campus outside of their scheduled exam times:
    • Students who remain on campus outside of their exam times, will need to written notice/email from parents if they are to leave early or arrive late and they must use the designated ‘Sign in/out sheet’ located in the office  (NB: parents of students who sign themselves out within school hours, without written parent permission, will receive notice via SMS)
    • Supervision will be supplied to students who remain on campus
    • For legal reasons, students who sign out (i.e. leave the premises) for any reason will not be able to return to school grounds, nor catch a school bus etc.
  • Students being supervised on-campus during block exams:
    • Will be supervised in designated room/s
    • Will be expected to study and work quietly without distracting others
    • Will be expected to behave in an exemplary manner at all times, parents of students not behaving to standard can expect to be called to collect them

The following will apply to YEAR 10 students only...

Unlike Year 11&12, Year 10 students will not be permitted to attend only for exams - either arriving midday for afternoon exams or leaving midday after morning exams. Instead, Year 10 students will be supervised on-campus when they are not in exams so that they might complete any outstanding assessment and study for their exams. Students may also have opportunity to consult with their subject teachers at this time if they have queries about assessment and/or exams.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to further develop their independent working skills so necessary for Senior School.

We truly wish all students the very best in their exam and all assessment endeavours this term, as they complete their studies for Semester Two. It is a pleasure working with each of our students and I am hopeful for all they may achieve both now and in the future.

In particular we wish our Year 12’s the very best as they finish their last exams and assessments ever! It is an exciting time for these students: however, please join me in encouraging them to ‘finish strong’!

Senior School TERM 4 Date claimers:

  • EXAM BLOCK – Week 5/6
  • 14 November – Awards Night
  • 16 November – Formal
  • 17 November – Graduation Ceremony

Anita Newell
Head of Senior School
[email protected]

Middle School Updates

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation was established in May 2005 by Daniel’s parents: Bruce and Denise after he was abducted and murdered in December 2003. Since this time Bruce and Denise have campaigned to make Australia a safer place for all children. The Foundation has two main aims:

  • To educate children and young people safe in a physical and online environment
  • To support young victims of crime.

The foundation’s belief and vision incorporate a future where all children and young people are provided with education, protection and support to be safe from abuse and risk of harm. The Foundation has delivered education to over 260 000 students across Queensland and additionally have visited over 1000 schools and communities across Australia. Every year the Foundation provides, at no cost, thousands of resources to children, young people, parents and carers, and professionals across Australia. (

This week at ACCM we will be playing our part to help keep our children safe by:

  • Having a child protection expert from the Qld police present age appropriate advice to our Junior and Middle School Students (Tuesday 24th)
  • Holding a Day for Daniel (Friday 27th) – Students are invited to wear read clothes or red accessories and to donate a gold coin – this will raise funds to support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s work and raise awareness of the issues.

Please take the opportunity to talk about these things with your children. To assist with this, the following website has a bunch of resources and advice for parents.

Derek Hughes
Middle School Coordinator
[email protected] 

Primary School Updates

“Rain, hail or shine” is the saying and that’s exactly what the primary students worked through during their swimming program over the last few weeks. Despite the weather, students have had a wonderful time in their swimming classes this term. The excitement was evident from the beginning and we have heard lots of stories from both teachers and students about all that went on. Living in Queensland, it is essential that our children learn how to swim and it’s such a blessing to be able to provide this as part of our school curriculum.

Primary students have also been able to participate in “Day for Daniel” activities this past week. In addition to our “Red” Dress Day and classroom activities, we were lucky to have some local police representatives come along on Tuesday to talk to us about child safety issues and how we can keep ourselves and our friends safe. We encourage you to talk to you children about what they have learnt at school and to regularly discuss these issues as a family. Our children are our most precious blessing from God and it’s up to us as a community, to help protect them in any way that we can. Thankyou all for supporting our fundraising efforts this week for such a great cause.

ACER time is here and it’s exciting to see how much our students have grown throughout the year. To help them do their best, please make sure that your children are getting plenty of sleep this week and are having a good breakfast to set them up with the best start possible.

We pray that as the “busy” time approaches and our calendars become filled with awards nights, end of year concerts and all of the associated preparations, that you are all able to stand back for a minute or two and really see how much your children have grown this year. As teachers begin to think about reports and really look at the changes in each child, it’s amazing to see the growth and development that has taken place. Don’t miss it as life rushes by.

God Bless,

Mrs Foley and Ms Tsui

Alicia Foley
Upper Primary
[email protected]

Michelle Tsui
Lower Primary
[email protected]



As the end of the school year draws close, this is a very timely reminder to all senior students to keep an eye out for opportunities advertised on the Schoology Group “Senior School Secondary Information”.  There are post Year 12 opportunities as well as information offering school based traineeship/apprenticeships for students in Years 10 & 11. This is our main avenue for advertising positions. This Schoology group also contains information about Defence Forces, TAFE courses, Career Expos and other important notifications that we pass on pertaining to senior schooling opportunities.

The Power of Positivity

As Christians, we have every reason to be positive. We have a Saviour and Redeemer who loves us and promises us hope and life eternal. However, sometimes focusing on the positives can be challenging when faced with personal problems or when the media continues to expose us to news of tragedy. So I want to encourage you by highlighting the power of positivity and the changes it can make in your life.

Despite the negativity we may experience, by focusing on the wonderful things that are also happening and sharing these with others may not only encourage you but also those around you. Positive thoughts help us to live better lives and improve relationships. Barbara Fredrickson's Broaden-and-Build theory and research demonstrates that “as people experience more positive emotions, they become more resilient to stress, develop a broader perspective that allows them to see the big picture and identify solutions, build more meaningful relationships and connections and flourish in their lives and careers.”

We have the power to change our focus from the negative to the positive. Look for the good happening in our lives and give your problems over to God. When negativity starts to creep into your thoughts, make a conscious choice to negate this with a positive thought. Aim for three positive thoughts each morning and be thankful for the day. Listen to some praise and worship music, as this can be so uplifting. Surround yourself with people who are also positive and don’t get caught up in their issues. Encourage them  Watch comedies and laugh a little.  Lets start fuelling our lives today with positivity and thankfulness. Give it a try and feel the difference it can make.

God bless

Suzanne Fraser
Head of Student Services
[email protected] 

On Campus Class Updates


This is a really busy term with two groups of Japanese students coming to our school. The first group came from a school called Seikyou Gakuen junior high school in Osaka. In April this year Mrs Koehler from Year 2, Miss Groves from Year 4 , Mr Hogan and myself had the privilege of visiting this school which is a private high school on the outskirts of Osaka. We had a wonderful time and we were keen to return the hospitality shown to us in Japan.

The school sends it’s entire Year 10 cohort - 170 students in all - to Australia for their annual school trip. The students were divided among 7 schools and we hosted 27 students. Our students from Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 acted as buddies to the Japanese students and I’m sure many new international friendships were formed.

In November we’ll be hosting a group of 30 students from Yamanashi prefecture which is the area surrounding Mt Fuji. We are very excited to once again be hosting this group.

This year we’ve hosted five groups of students from all parts of Japan. All of the tours have been very successful and from the feedback I’ve received it seems that students buddies, home stay families and the Japanese students and teachers are

all enjoying these intercultural experiences. We look forward to once again hosting a number of Japanese student groups in 2018.

Tony Usher
[email protected] 

Swimming at ACC

This term marked the start of our swimming program intensive sessions. For the past fortnight students in Years 1 – 5 have been participating in ACC’s learn to swim program.

 This program ran from the 10th October – 13th of October, and the 17th of October to the 20th of October.  Over these 8 days students attended x1 45 minute session each day.

 Students were assessed and placed into groups on their first lesson, and then had several sessions to help them improve their swimming capacity. There was a wide range of diversity ranging from levels that helped students blow bubbles, kick their legs, dive for objects, all the way up to perfecting swim strokes such as freestyle and butterfly.

 I sincerely hope that each student who participated in the program learnt some valuable lessons about water safety, and how to have fun and be safe in the water.

 Each student who participated will be presented this week with a swim certificate.

Yr 3 swimming.jpg swimming 6.JPG

Rebecca Birt
[email protected]

Visual Art

Lots of exciting things have been happening in Art at ACC Moreton.  Two weeks ago we held our first ever Senior Art Exhibition to showcase the work of Year 10-12 Students from this year.  A big thanks to all the parents and visitors who came along to support our event.   Well done especially to our graduating year 12 students with their final bodies of work - it was an exciting mix of different media’s and styles this year!

Miss Baxter has been doing some really interesting art projects with the Year 4, 6 and 7 Art classes.  Year 4 are looking at the theme of sustainability in art and using everyday materials to create different textured papers. This week they will be making fabric paper.

Year 6 rounded up their mixed media projects and will be now studying manga and how to sketch manga styled character portraits.  Year 7 have been designing logos to be screen printed onto tie-dyed shirts, looking at different textile art mediums to create their final T-shirt designs.

In our Middle School, Year 8 have been working with Photoshop to create “exploding selfies”, learning how to alter basic photographs with layering and different effects with some pretty interesting and fun outcomes.

Year 9 have moved on from clay tribal inspired pots to textile and sculptural design, based around the theme of “My Utopian Future”.  This term they will be creating functional body ornaments that they will photograph and alter in Adobe Photoshop.  Here are some of their finished pots that they hand-built and used the scratching method of sgraffito for their design:

Rebecca Robertson
[email protected]

Prep W

This is the time of year, when teachers are looking at how much their students have progressed and matured. This is certainly true, for our preppies.  

Lately, I have been able to observe and take photos of our students, doing various literacy and maths activities. It is so exciting and amazing, to see the children writing words and sentences and recognising numbers above twenty. It just seems like yesterday they came to school, with only being able to write their names.

Not only have they each progressed academically, they have also progressed socially. We have seen them make friendships and learn how to share and work cooperatively with each other.

To celebrate this I have included some photos of our almost grade ones.

It is with sadness and excitement, that we need to release them in a few weeks into what preps call “big school”.

Oct 23, 2017 2:22:18 PM.jpg IMG_20171003_142252.jpg IMG_20171006_134511.jpg
IMG_20170303_091022.jpg IMG_20171005_143029.jpg IMG_20171003_142244.jpg

Sandra Waite
[email protected]


The year is almost over but has been a rewarding and productive time in IT/Technology. Year 7 students are extending their programming in Scratch by correcting some existing projects, with some fantastic outcomes. The year 8 are working with JavaScript and discovering what they can design with code. Year 9 are working are working with Fusion 360 and are designing CAD based drawings. Year 10 are finishing off the year with Information Technology Systems getting a head start for year 11. Year 11 students have completed a new character for the Hairy Maclary books and are now in the process of creating an animation that includes theirs and other characters. The Year 12’s last term developing a multimedia advertising resource for Samaritan’s Purse, with the inclusion of audio and video to show people what this organisation does in the world community.


Tony Pavey
[email protected]

Library Updates

As we are getting closer to the end of the year I kindly want to ask parents to look for ACC library books and textbooks. We need all ACC books to be returned. Textbooks have to be sorted and get ready to be distributed to students in 2018 and the library books are needed for a stock take, that can only take place during the December break.

Sonja Potgieter

[email protected]

If I speed in a school zone...