The last two weeks were periods of planning and thinking about the future. It started with listening to the planning and development plans for the Moreton City Region and expected population growth, including where new government schools will be built, over the next 10 and 20-year periods. To state the obvious, our college is located in a growth area even before Caboolture West gets well underway. With no new secondary college planned for the future there will be increasing pressure on our enrolments, especially secondary. With the purchase of the church, and the results of the City’s population growth, the college is planning ahead into the future. It is an exciting time for our college.

The senior school staff spent a day last week evaluating the movement of the Year 10 students into QCE this year. It has been exceptionally beneficial for the Year 10 students who have a much clearer picture of the demands of Year 11 and 12 before they get there. It is true they found it hard, but the staff was exceptionally pleased with the effort and outcomes of our seniors. Many students found it harder to get higher results, but the long-term benefits will be worth it. The team also evaluated their preparedness for the new QCE starting next year in Year 11 and felt that we were a long way on the path compared to staff from other schools they met at training days. The Year 10 QCE has forced our staff to also be prepared early, which will bring huge benefits to our first group of Year 12s sitting exams in 2020. To date it looks like it was a very positive decision to start QCE in Year 10, and parent meetings will be called soon to bring all the parents up to date on this.

This week is focused on our cybersafety program with some of our senior students organizing and running training programs for the younger students as well as an evening for parents. The external speakers have essential information that every parent should hear. If you have students at our school then they have computers and they have access to the world. You need to be here to learn how to manage this in the home and how to talk to your children about technology. Wednesday 16th May is an evening you should not miss. I encourage you all to be here.

Finally, can I encourage all parents who have siblings, or relatives or friends that want to enroll in our college to do so as soon as possible. Next week we start our promotion in the Morayfield Shopping Centre and Twilight Open Night is on the 25th May. Positions in some levels at our college are almost full, especially Year 7 for next year, so please enrol your children now. If you have neighbours or friends with school-age children please encourage them to come to our Twilight Open Night.

Please remember that Naplan starts Tuesday 15th May, but do not over stress your children about the tests. We use ACER diagnostic tests throughout the year and carefully monitor your child and their growth in literacy and numeracy. Every child has their unique God-given talents, many more than are measured by NAPLAN.

Gary Underwood


[email protected] 



Please remember our to use our calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

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(10 Weeks) Monday 16th April - Friday 22nd June

  • Students Return: Monday 16th April
  • NAPLAN Testing: 15th - 17th May


(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October & 7th December

Important Information

New enrolments 2019 (not continuing students)If you have children commencing at ACC please complete and submit an online Enrolment Application form at your earliest convenience to secure your child’s future enrolment. In particular, places are now filling for the entry year levels of Prep and Year 7. Please note that this notice is regarding NEW students only, not those currently enrolled and continuing their education at ACC.Form link: For more information please do not hesitate to contact Margie Hildred (Enrolment and Marketing Officer) Direct Line: 5490 6103 Email: [email protected] Withdrawal Notices

​Students​ can leave the College without penalty in the event that there is at least six term weeks or more notification in writing ​prior to withdrawal. Failure to provide the minimum of six term weeks notification will result in the parent/guardian being liable for six​ term weeks’ fees in lieu of notice.

REE Parenting Program in Moreton Area

The University of Queensland are delivering free Triple P – Positive Parenting Programs in partnership with Pumicestone State School to support parents in Moreton Bay Region to access free parenting support. If you have parents at your school who want to see more of the behaviour they do like and less of the behaviour they don’t like, encourage them to come along to a Triple P – Positive Parenting Program group to learn about practical strategies and tips for a calmer and happier family life.

There are 5 weekly sessions starting on Tuesday 22 May, from 9.30-11.30am at Pumicestone State School, 75 Cottrill Road, Caboolture. These sessions are followed by 3 weekly phone calls for extra support for parents and carers. There is free parking but NO childminding.

For more information call 0438937663 or email [email protected]

Lunch Activity TimeTable

Click here to view the Student Activity Timetable.

2018 Camp Dates

Year Level



Year 6

Bestbrook Mountain

(Wednesday 1st August - Friday 3rd August)
Term 3, Week 3

Year 5

Luther Heights

(Wednesday 30th May - Friday 1st June)
Term 2, Week 7

Year 4

Luther Heights

(Thursday 31st May - Friday 1st June)
Term 2, Week 7

Year 3

Underwater World

(Wednesday 28th March - Thursday 29th March)
Term 1, Week 10

Free Dress Day

On Friday 18th the is a free dress and "crazy hair " day as a fundraiser for an organisation called Zoe's Angels which supports sick children through a range of different ways. Our primary student leaders have been the driving force behind the promotion and organisation for this event - well done leaders.

What’s Happening On-Campus

Naplan Testing

The yearly Naplan testing has come around once again. Students in Years 3, 5 , 7 & 9 do these tests over several days. Students just need to do their best - nothing more. If students do their best that's all we can ask. At ACC we do not teach to Naplan, so the results look good for our school, but rather we teach to the relevant curriculum.

Technology Day

On Wednesday 16th May the Year 12 Business students are putting on a large event to equip young people to use technology safely. The event includes virtual reality headsets and other forms of technology for students to experience. There will be a professional development session for teachers in an afternoon staff meeting and also a parent/teacher evening information session on technology safety for their children.

David Lewis

Deputy Principal

[email protected]

Senior School Updates

ACC Tech Event – supporting student safety

Last year for the first time Australian Christian College-Moreton hosted it’s first ‘Tech Event’ ever for students and parents – exploring the good, bad and ugly side of technology.

On the 16th May our second ‘Tech Event’ will be run by BCT students. This event has two main messages:

  1. ALL technology is NOT safe
  2. ALL technology is NOT dangerous

Whilst it may seem at first that these two messages are distinctly contrary to each other, they are not. The purpose of this Tech Event is one of awareness regarding technology in our lives – how to embrace the ‘good’ and protect ourselves from the ‘bad’.

Technology is not a fad. Technology is not only here to stay, but it is an ever changing force in our lives that enables medical miracles, dynamic communication, global connections and all manner of exciting opportunities for us all. Consequently, our ‘Tech Event’ will expose students to new and exciting uses of technology that enhance our lives so that they understand that ‘all technology is not dangerous’.

However, it is arguably even more important, as parents and teachers charged with the responsibility of keeping our students safe, that we ensure that all students are educated about how to use technology safely. All technology is certainly not safe, but together we can empower students to use technology safely.

The dangers of technology for our Senior students is real – but ‘banning’ it is not the solution.

So, should you wish to keep your teen safe and empower them to engage with technology in a safe and secure manner – use this link to register for our FREE ‘Tech Event’ now!

I urge you - do not miss this FREE opportunity to hear from ‘the experts’ how you can keep your Senior student safe from the dangers of technology.

Anita Newell

Head of Senior School

[email protected] 

Middle School Updates

I have started talking to the Middle School students about what bullying really is. I think it is very important that they are able to distinguish between someone being rude, someone being mean and when someone is bullying them.

Being able to differentiate between these behaviours totally changes the mindset of the injured party. Perceptions of bullying create a feeling of helplessness – the targeting feels overwhelming. If children are able to identify that someone is being ‘rude’ they can deal with it from a place of strength, knowing that a polite correction will probably solve the situation.

When they understand that another child is being ‘mean’ to them then they, before they have been too badly hurt, identify that they are in a situation that should be stopped before it escalates. They can do this a number of ways – often just telling the perpetrator that the behaviour is unacceptable will be enough. When a victim of ‘meanness’ shows strength bullying does not usually follow. However, they also have many options as to whom they can go to for help:

  • Peer Support Mentors
  • Form Teacher
  • Student Services
  • Year Level Coordinator
  • Middle School Coordinator
  • Any teacher they trust

Of course, I tell them they must always tell their parents.

Here are some things to remember when dealing with student conflicts:

  • Calling every negative interaction between children “bullying” disempowers the children and makes them feel powerless. They find ‘rudeness’ and ‘meanness’ much easier to deal with.
  • ‘Rudeness’ and ‘meanness’ are still unacceptable and will be dealt with if the appropriate people know about it.
  • If ‘rudeness’ and ‘meanness’ are dealt with then bullying is reduced significantly.

Please talk to your children about this and ask them what they can do to ensure they are not rude and their friends are not mean.

Derek Hughes

[email protected] 

Primary School Updates

The Commonwealth Games really were an amazing spectacle during the school holidays. The excitement, the competition, the medals, the personal bests, the celebrations - it all went together to create a really wonderful event that was enjoyed by so many people. But one of the most inspiring parts of the games was the spirit of the athletes. Last week in assembly we shared a few of those stories that can teach us all a valuable lesson. Claire Tallent - the Australian walker who made the games her comeback event. She was the favourite, she was in the lead, but was heartbreakingly disqualified before reaching the finish. Despite the anguish and disappointment, she was there to congratulate her teammate at the finish line and celebrate in her success. What about Matthew Glaetzer, the Australian cyclist who was favourite to win gold in his pet event, but failed to get over the line. Rather than wallow in self pity, he picked himself up the following day and came back out to try again, ultimately taking out a gold medal. Then there was Timothy “Disco” Disken who almost died six months ago but came back, overcoming major health issues to win gold as a para athlete. The messages from these athletes are loud and clear and are so relevant to our students. Whilst we all may have plans for our own lives, God may have other plans and at times and we will be faced with adversity and obstacles. But rather than complain, give up or feel sorry for ourselves, the best things can happen when we get back up and try again. Persistence and resilience are two of the most important qualities we can teach our children. As your child moves through this term, take the opportunity to talk about such things when the time arises. Pray together for guidance and help each other to always be grateful for the lessons that come from our greatest tests.

Prep to Year 3 Cross country

On Friday the 20th of April, our Prep to Year 3 students their cross country at the College. We were thankful that the weather held off for the morning. Students were determined and ready to give and do the best that they could. They had a wonderful time cheering on their teams mates from the coloured houses and encouraging them to finish the race.

Endless Praise visit

We had the Endless Praise vocal music group come and visit the College. All the primary students were treated with a special performance by the Endless Praise team. The team lead the students in a wonderful time of worship, where we got to sing familiar songs that they sang last year when they came to visit. The team also shared the Bible story about ‘David and Goliath’. David was not afraid to fight the giant, he wore the armour of God and knew that God would help him defeat this giant. The team encourage us to put on the armour of God everyday, which is the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit.

Alicia Foley
Upper Primary
[email protected]

Michelle Tsui
Lower Primary
[email protected]

Coles ‘Sports for School’ Program

The Coles ‘Sports for Schools’ program has no ended. Please bring in any remaining vouchers that you may have as soon as possible so they can go towards our school total. The collection box is still located in the primary building foyer .

We are grateful for the school community for your support during the promotional period.

Yours in Christ,

 Michelle Tsui

[email protected] 


Benefits of Daily Devotions

I get so excited when the Vision 180 magazine with my Word4today daily bible devotion arrives. I just love to spend time with God each day and I wanted to share with you some of the benefits of daily devotions:

  • Giving time to God each day allows us to worship Him and show Him our devotion.
  • Spending time with God allows us to seek direction each day for how we should live our lives. Seeking His will, listening for His wisdom and committing our schedules to Him.
  • Time with God keeps our mind focused on Him and we are less likely to fall into sin as we build strength from His word.
  • Life is so fast-paced that just stopping to spend time with God allows us to find some peace and stillness in His glory.
  • It allows us to get to know God in a more personal and real way. Quality time together helps us to know God more intimately and this brings great joy. Jesus is always waiting to meet with us.
  • Spending time in God’s word allows us to connect with God and helps us to become more like Jesus.

If you would like to receive a free introductory copy of Vision180 magazine’s Word4today, go to or call 1800 007 770. It will transform your life.

Time for seniors to check their student learning accounts

It’s that time of year again when we encourage all Year 11 & 12 students to go to and log into their learning account using their LUI number and password.

How do I log into my learning account?

You need your 10-digit Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) and initial password to log into your learning account. Your LUI number is recorded on your SET Plan. Your initial password is your day and month of birth in ddmm format (eg. if I was born on 12 March, my password would be 1203).

How do I use my learning account?

You can use your learning account to check the following information:

Personal details - Advise me as soon as possible if your contact details have changed. Your Senior Education Profile will be sent to the home address in your learning account at the end of Year 12, so it's important this information is correct.

Enrolments and your eligibility for a QCE and OP - Tell me as soon as possible if any information is missing or incorrect.

Final results, including your QCS Test grade, OP and FPs - Your individual QCS Test grade will be published in your learning account at the end of November. Your final Year 12 results, Overall Position (OP) and Field Positions (FPs) will be available in your learning account at the end of December if you are eligible.

If you are studying a VET course or QCE-recognised course of study, you will be able to see the credits from that course in your account as soon as the course has been completed and your achievement is 'banked' by your learning provider.

If you are studying mostly Authority or Authority-registered subjects, you will not see results in your learning account until the end of Year 12. This is because Queensland's system of school-based assessment does not confirm results until student work is reviewed by external panels to make sure teacher judgments are comparable across Queensland.

Keep focused and God bless :)

Suzanne Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]

On Campus Class Updates

Year 4G

Hi All,

What another wonderful start we have had to the term. It is full speed ahead in 4G. So far In English the students have been learning about persuasive writing. They even tried to convince their parents to get a new pet, which for some kids it worked! The students have been sharpening up on their sewing skills ready for mother’s day craft. They have really enjoyed all the hands on materials and making special gifts for the ones they love. In Maths the students have been learning about addition and subtraction, which they have absolutely SMASHED. Well done to 4G students.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to have a pre- service teacher work in the classroom for two weeks starting Monday 14th. Her name is Miss Dyani Le Moyne, and she is currently studying at QUT Kelvin Grove. The students are very excited to have her join our classroom.

We are looking forward the year 4 camp coming up in week 7 and can not wait for all the adventures that will go along with it. If you have not registered, please remember to as cut off is Thursday 17th May (week 5).

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9

Alyce Groves

[email protected] 


It’s been an exciting Term so far with the 2018 ACC Cross Country Carnival kicking off. Blue team were the victors this year in what was an incredibly close affair. House spirit was high with the concluding House Cheer competition that was won by Red house. We are now onto District Cross Country Carnivals and will be taking a competitive team that will no doubt do our school proud.
A huge thanks to all the parents, students, student leaders and teachers who made the day possible.

In other District Sport; a big congratulations to Alianna Durante who

It also won’t be long until we are gearing up for the Athletics Carnivals on the 21st of June(Year 4-12) and 22nd of June (Years P-3)

Nathan Sheumack

[email protected]

Senior Science

Things are getting busy in the science laboratory.

Year 10 Chemistry have been doing heat reactions and calculating the energy in nuts by burning them and measuring the temperature change in water that this created. Lots of calculations after that to convert to kilojoules.

Year 11 Chemistry are investigating the shapes molecules make and the reasons why they have these shapes.

Year 11 Biology have begun their experiments for an assessment piece and Year 12 Biology are about to begin experiments for their experimental research task.

Year 12 Chemistry have been busy making esters (those lovely flavourings in food and perfumes) and finding out what reactions alcohols perform. Some of the chemicals used did not smell so wonderful so we were thankful for the fume cupboard purchased last year.

Janice Garden

[email protected]

Year 3B

Year 3 ended term 1 with a great sleepover to Underwater world. The students discovered how different animals live in the ocean and waterways. They had fun feeding sharks and stingrays, going behind the scenes to see how sick animals are cared for and watching a seal show. The students then had fun trying to go to sleep in the tunnel with the sharks and stingrays swimming above their heads.

The next morning we had a look at the reef and Australian current that is talked about in finding dory movie. The students enjoyed pretending to be dory and going through the adventures she did in the movie. We then went for a walk along the beach before coming back to school.

Since coming back this term we have had a very busy time with the cross country, visit from endless praise and remembering our ANZACs at the ANZAC service and march. Coming up is the NAPLAN tests for us in week 5. To help the students prepare just encourage them to do their best and not be anxious. To know that with God’s help we can achieve all things as he gives us strength to overcome our obstacles.

Rebecca Bunston

[email protected] 


Welcome to Term 2. During the autumn school holidays myself and four other teachers were fortunate enough to visit Japan. The main purpose of our trip was a visit to Seikyo Gakuen. A large private high school on the outskirts of Japan’s second largest city Osaka. They are one of the schools that visit us annually bringing approximately 170 students to south East Queensland for home stay visits.

We were able to observe classes and discuss possible future visits to their school, hopefully taking students next time. We were very impressed with their clubs program (bukatsu) and viewed the dance, kendo, baseball and volleyball clubs. We were also able to get an inside look at Japanese culture through homestay experiences provided to us by school staff.

While the school visit was the main focus of the trip we also had the chance to do some sightseeing and relaxing. We visited the sights of Osaka including Osaka Zoo, Osaka Aquarium, Abeno Harukas (new high rise shopping centre with brilliant viewing platforms) and Osaka Castle. In Kyoto we visited the main temples a highlight of which was Fushimi Inari shrine. A shrine with more than 10,000 tori (re- lacquered gates). In Nara we visited the magnificent Todaji. A Temple that houses a giant Buddha. Here’s hoping we can take some students to Japan in the near future.

Tony Usher

[email protected]