Today, students on our most recent Palm Island Mission Trip touched down in Townsville and are preparing for their transfer to Palm Island. What an exciting opportunity for our students to learn about our indigenous peoples and their culture, while having the opportunity to talk about their Christian faith to indigenous children and families. We know from past experience that these mission trips are also life changing and faith building for our students, as they examine their own faith in this context. We are all praying for the 13 students from across all ACC schools as well as their staff leaders, including Ms Johnson from Moreton.

Meetings have already started for our Cambodian Mission trip that leaves on the 29th November. Our prayers are with those organising the trip. If your child would still like to go on the Cambodian Mission trip this year or in the future then please contact Ms Flood at the college [email protected] 2019 we are considering extending our mission trips to new locations so stay tuned for new opportunities.

We support and encourage children to be part of missions because we want to bring new believers to Christ through the work undertaken and strengthen the faith of our Christian students.But mission work is not only in foreign lands. Mission is not an overseas trip, it is an attitude, it is your faith. It is something that can be undertaken in your local town or street. It may be that even your home needs the purpose of mission to help bring your family, or family member, to Christ. In our Day School, a large number of Grade 5 students spent time at the Bolton Clarke Fernhill Aged Care Centre each week. They spend time chatting with residents, reading to them, listening to their stories, craft activities and so forth. This exciting program at the college is our first step in local mission work and an area we are keen to develop throughout the school.

In Matthew 9:38 Jesus said that we should pray for the labourers to carry the gospel to the harvest field. In Romans 8 Paul follows up this question of “who will preach?” with “who will send them?”We have a responsibility as Christians to support mission work whether it be to Cambodia or to the local Foodbank, or the Care Centre in your neighbourhood. What is necessary is for people to go out and do the work. We can help with prayer.Stop as a family around the dinner table tonight and pray for our children on the Palm Island Mission Trip. Pray that funds will flow in to help more children have this opportunity in the future, even your own.If you do not have funds to spare then consider setting an example for your children by providing your time and effort to the mission field right outside your door. I encourage you to make missions meaningful and purposeful just as Jesus instructed.

Our outreach to families was again on show at this week’s Term Church service or celebration with Iron & Clay. Through music and stories Iron and Clay was able to reach into the hearts of our families to show them God’s love for them. The explained how Jesus can change their lives. While it was a loud night at times with excited singing and jumping students (and some parents) we all enjoyed the night. We are praying for those who put up their hand and made a commitment to God. If you want to talk further about Jesus can change your life then please talk to your child’s teacher, our chappie or Mr Lewis or myself.

Next week we have our friends from Kokura, in Japan. We have come to know them well. Many of our families board the children and I hope you have another wonderful experience. We are now in discussions with Seikyo College in Japan (who come in October) about a small group of students visiting their school in 2019.While we are broadening the global understanding of our students we are also building bridges between our Christian families and students, with Japanese students. It is a great opportunity and I am sure it will be a very successful trip to Caboolture for them.

Please pray for the Grade 6 students going off to camp next week. It has been so cold this term they may even see snow as they did a couple of years back! So pack warm clothes!

God bless you all through this coming term.

Gary Underwood


[email protected]



Please remember our to use our calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

Click 'Google Calendar' to have our events display in your own calendar.



(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October & 7th December

Important Information

Student Withdrawal Notices

One term’s notice in writing is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice may result in additional fees being charged.

Allowance for driving your children to school

Did you know that you may be entitled to an allowance for privately driving your children to and from school?

Financial assistance may be available to parents who have children that attend Non-State Schools with students travelling to and from school daily by private arrangement.

For further details on how much you can claim by distance, please go onto the Dept of Transport and Main Roads- Conveyance Allowance Payment Details. There is a PDF application available for viewing including a table of distance verses weekly rebate claim.


Home stay is an experience where a family hosts a student from overseas to give them a glimpse of life as an Aussie. They taste their first Aussie pie, have their breath taken away by the beautiful beaches in our backyard, and learn to say “G’day mate!” with the proper Queensland drawl. And best of all, they get to do it with a very special bunch of people: your family!

Participating families of the Home Stay Program have remarked the experience to be rewarding, enlightening and lots of fun.

In Term 3 & 4 2018, Australian Christian College Moreton will be hosting Japanese students for the following dates:

Kokura High School 28 July - 8 August 2018

High school students (16/17 year olds) from Kokura High School, Japan, visiting for 11 nights.

Seikyo Middle School 17 October – 24 October 2018

Middle School students (14/15 year olds) from Seikyo Middle School, Japan, visiting for 1 week.

We are seeking families in our local community who can welcome these students into their home for a short stay.

Families from Prep to Year 12 are welcome to apply (i.e. your child does not have to be the same age as the students) and our wish is for the majority of these students to stay with college families to truly experience the Australian Christian College community.

Interested families will receive an introductory session with a Homestay support staff, have access to a 24/7 support line, and receive non-taxable payment to cover the cost of providing three meals per day, school drop off/pick-ups, and normal household utilities.

If you would like to be part of this exciting program, please fill in the attached forms or contact Homestay Coordinator Mimi Petrusma on 0402 888 970 or [email protected] 

Battle of the Bands!

ACCM’s second Battle of the Bands is quickly approaching. The event will be held in Week 4 of the school term, Thursday 9th August at 1:20pm. Many student bands have been formed and students are excited to display their talent on the stage. With entries closed the bands are committing to their final practices before the big event.

For further information either see Stuart Bengston or drop him an email: [email protected].

What’s Happening On-Campus

Welcome back to a new Term. A special welcome to our new students and their families, there are around 18 new students who have commenced with us this term.

College Church Service :

Our church service which we hold each term was held on Tuesday night. Special guest performers "Iron And Clay" performed on the night and also brought a great message. Thank you also to the group of students from 6H who also had a special performance item. The next college church service is the Christmas carols night which is scheduled for the 28th November.

Uniforms :

Students are currently in winter uniforms. A reminder that for boys this means long trousers and ties, and for all students to wear blazers to and from school. Winter uniform will continue for the rest of this term. In previous years where hot weather has occurred prior to the end of term we have had transitional weeks where students can wear either summer or winter uniform - this has been on a year-by-year basis and parents are notified should this occur.

Internet Security :

Since the beginning of May we have been using an extra internet alert system called CyberHound which identifies a range of student welfare related searches and sends through reports to alert us of any students of concern. For any students searching , through our internet connection system, about suicide or self harm the the reports are generated and notified to us almost straight away. For other searches it is the next day. The types of things it picks up on are searches related to eating disorders, aggression, racism, radicalisation, religious slurs, profanity, drugs and reputational risk. The system has been working very well .

Look forward to another great term.

David Lewis

Deputy Principal

[email protected]

Senior School Updates

QCS and other things...

It is that time of year again when Year Twelve students begin to turn their attention to a set of exams known as ‘QCS’. These exams, taken over two days are one of the final ‘pieces’ of the puzzle for OP-eligible students that will complete their Senior years of study.

Students have been diligently preparing for these exams over the past weeks and months and most recently, they have participated in practice exams designed to prepare them for QCS exams.

Below is a table outlining which exam will be sat on Tuesday 4th September and Wednesday 5th September:

But, before we get all excited and anxious, it is also really important to note what these exams are, and what they aren’t.

The QCS Test IS:

  • a common statewide test for Queensland Year 12 students
  • an achievement test — not an intelligence test nor an aptitude test
  • grounded in the Queensland senior curriculum
  • accessible to all Year 12 students, regardless of individual differences in subject patterns.

What the QCS Test IS NOT:

  • the main contributor to a student’s Overall Position (OP)
  • a grade by which a student should be defined
  • a measure of the whole of a Year 12 student’s achievements

Many of our students do not sit the QCS tests. Many of our students do not get OP’s. Many of our students are successful University students, employees, apprentices and more – without every sitting a QCS test. The point of an education is far more than a single number or place in a rank or on a scale. An....

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela

Consequently, whilst we continue to encourage our students to do their very best and achieve excellent results, we are also investing in opportunities for them to learn about social justice issues, to problem solve, to be creative and to empower them to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’.

As our Year Twelve students approach their QCS tests this month they are preparing to do their very best as it is a very ‘high-stakes’ test. But, it is important that we all remember that no matter what the final result, this test is merely a ‘means to an end, rather than the end itself’.


Year 10: SET Plans are underway - please see Mrs Fraser for any questions

Year 9: Expressions of interest for subject selection is due next week

Anita Newell

[email protected]

Middle School Updates

The College is a busy place this week. In the Middle school it is Italian Maths Week; the students will explore the significant contribution Italians through history have made to our understanding of Mathematics. Of course, there will probably be pizza as well.

Monday night our guests “Iron and Clay” blessed us as they brought the message of Christ’s grace alive through their music. It is great to see the involvement of our wider college community in our extra activities this year – I feel a great culture is being created by exceptional engagement.

Tuesday our Year 9s headed off with the 10-12s to a “careers expo”. This is a great space for them to contemplate what their future holds; to reflect on what they need to do to now to achieve their goals and desires. A big thank you to Mrs Fraser and her team for organising this excellent opportunity.

In the midst of the business we want to be mindful not to let our core business slip. We still have assessment to complete and literacy and numeracy goals to meet. I would encourage you to keep insisting your children are reading at night. While most of our students are benefiting from regular reading it is clear that there are still a number who are not doing the required reading at home. The research is clear – Middle Schoolers who read for 45 minutes a night give themselves the best chance of academic success; remember, the best way to encourage children to read is to model it for them.

Derek Hughes

[email protected]

Primary School Updates

Welcome back to Term 3, the primary students have been settled and back into the their routines and expectations of their classrooms. We welcome all our new primary students to the College. New students have been allocated a buddy to help them transition into their new learning environment. Our new students were also presented in Chapel on the first week of term with their Bibles.

A new term, not only brings in new things that students learn in their classes. It also means that families are also busy. Let’s face it parents and kids are busy! It is difficult to ‘fit in’ all the needs to be done in a day. We are often faced with having to make choices about what stays and what goes in our schedules. We encourage you to keep daily reading in your child’s schedule. There is a wealth of research supporting daily reading it is especially important during the time your child is learning to read. Reading each day with your child has many benefits, reading is ‘brain food’, improves listening skills and even build and improves relationships as it provides bonding time with a parent. Part of your child’s home learning is reading each night. Students should be bringing home readers to read each night and they also have the opportunity to visit the library each week to borrow a book to read. We encourage you to place reading as a top priority in your family’s busy schedule. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher.


On the first week of this term, we celebrated NAIDOC Week. The celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. Primary students had an opportunity to watch some Indigenous dancers who presented various dancers in our primary Chapel. Some classes also read Dreamtime stories, studies Aboriginal arts

and crafts and also created some themselves.

Alicia Foley
Upper Primary
[email protected]

Michelle Tsui
Lower Primary
[email protected]


Important Choices and Decisions

Year 9 students should have responded to their subject survey with preferences for 2019 electives. This is an exciting time for students as they start to explore what senior school is all about and provide subject preference data that will inform future decisions. It was encouraging to see so many students and parents/carers represented at the recent information evening.

Year 10 students

Year 10 students need to lodge their Senior Education and Training (SET) plan. This plan maps out intended post school options and identifies selected schools subjects that will ensure prerequisite requirements for future study courses are met. Students will also need to decide if they intend to undertake additional study options along with their school subjects (eg. TAFE at School courses, School-based apprenticeships/traineeships, Headstart University subjects etc). As was outlined at the recent Senior School Information evening, there are a number of changes regarding the introduction of the ATAR and the updated QCE requirements. More detailed information about the ATAR and the QCE are contained in the Senior Subject Handbook for 2019. By now, students and parents/carers should have received an email with the handbook attached and the link to lodge the SET Plan. To assist with decisions, there is also the opportunity to make an appointment to discuss the SET Plan with Mrs Fraser, Head of Student Services. Mrs Fraser can be contacted via email on [email protected]

Year 12 students

QTAC applications open Thursday 2 August for study in 2019. It would be best if students lodge their application before the end of September 2018. The application fee for Year 12 students is $43. Please take the time to investigate the QTAC website. It has a wealth of information on how to apply, how to order preferences, available scholarships etc. Here is the website link:

Please be aware of the additional requirements for Year 12 graduates wishing to study education (teaching), as they are required to submit a 1000-word personal statement, in addition to meeting academic criteria. To understand the application process further and to stay updated, visit the QTAC website.

Students also need to check their learning accounts on Student Connect to ensure all their QCE courses are accounted for and their contact details are correct

Senior Secondary School Information

This course on Schoology is an important place where we share relevant information and advertise opportunities available for senior students. The notification of headings and links are sent to both students and parents/carers via email.

ACCM Careers is a website that we encourage all senior students to explore as it contains a wealth of information about careers and life beyond school. There is even a wonderful resume creator under the student secure area that we direct students to. Please take the time to explore this site.

Please be aware of the additional requirements for Year 12 graduates wishing to study education (teaching) as they are required to submit a 1000-word personal statement, in addition to meeting academic criteria. To understand the application process further and to stay updated, visit the QTAC webpage.

Sue Fraser

[email protected]

5490 6143

On Campus Class Updates

Senior Maths & Physics

In both Year 11 & 12 Maths B, the students are starting the term by looking at the topic of “Periodic Functions”.This is just mathematical terminology for events / phenomena that go through a cycle and then repeat.The students’ assignments this term reflect this practical emphasis with the Year 11s looking to model the motion of some parts of a typical internal combustion engine while the Year 12s will be looking at repeating patterns of daylight hours, average cloud cover, and the angle of the sun in the sky, to try to evaluate which city in Australia would produce the most power from a domestic solar panel system.

In a very similar scenario to the Year 11 Maths B students, the Year 10 Maths Methods students will be analysing the motion of a modern fitness aid - the elliptical trainer.For those who have seen these items and also know a little about engines, you may be able to see the similarity!

The Year 11 Physics students have begun work on this term’s topic of “The Physics of Fun” and as part of this topic, are looking forward to a trip to Aussie World to see if they can apply the theories they are learning to some “real-life” rides.Tough job - but someone has to do it!

The Year 12s are swinging from one extreme to another this year having examined “The Physics of Space” in Term 1, to now looking at the structure of the atom.Here they will be looking at the historical developments that have led to our current understanding of what goes on inside these “building blocks of matter”.Pray for them as they try to grapple with some mind-bending concepts!

Bruce Vaschina

[email protected]

Learning Support

In Semester 2 of 2018 the Learning Support Team will be continuing to offer Literacy Support to students who are two or more years behind in their Reading Comprehension. If you believe that your child would benefit from this, please speak with their classroom or form teacher and they will make arrangements with Learning Support to begin the placement process.

Previously the college was running three literacy programs that were geared towards improving students reading levels.Starting in Term 3,wehave increase the number of Literacy Programs on offer by an additional 2. Each of these programs are used in Learning Support departments Australia wide and have proven beneficial to student learning.

  • For Lower Primary, Years 1 and 2, the college runs MiniLit with groups of four to five students working through essential literacy conventions.
  • Upper Primary, Year 3 to 5, students will have access to Reading Tutor, which covers similar content to MiniLit but students work one-to-one with trained instructors with the set goal being attaining mastery of the core concepts. Starting in Term 3, we have introduced Word Attack Skills - Extension Program which provide additional support for students who are yet to attain mastery of reading fluency.
  • MacqLit, is offered to ourUpper Primary and Middle School students, Year 4 to 9. It is a program that aims to teach students twelve essential strategies for reading and understanding texts. MacqLit will also be brought in the start in Term 3. MacqLit is a small group program that is designed for students who need critical intervention in learning.

Once again if you believe that your child would benefit from any of the aforementioned programs please talk with the year level teachers and they will work alongside the Learning Support Team to ensure students receive an appropriate level of support.

Joel Hogan

[email protected]

Senior English

Year 10 are exploring how dystopian worlds reflect aspects of modern society exaggerated to the extreme. As the term progresses, we’ll be exploring how representations of culture and society are formed through the author’s specific choices, and perhaps having a go at creating our own dystopian world!

Year 11 are delving into Australian history again and looking at representations of different ethnicities in our country, from the 1940s to now. We are focusing on a play called ‘The Shifting Heart’, which explores the struggles of an Italian family in the 1950s after their immigration into Australia. The theme of a persecuted minority certainly resonates with current issues that we see in the media today and calls into question how we create a future where Australia is truly multicultural. After all, ‘from all the lands on Earth we’ve come’.

Year 12 are tackling the touching and heart-wrenching novel ‘Schindler’s List’ by Thomas Keneally. We are exploring the events of the Holocaust and critically analysing the novel to consider how accurate a representation of the Shoah (Hebrew for ‘catastrophe) Keneally has created. The second half of the term will see students selecting a social issue of their choice and creating an engaging and entertaining TedX Talk.

As always, please talk to your students about the concepts and issues we are covering in our classes. They are relevant outside of the classroom and our students can always benefit from a wider perspective!

Katherine Vlaanderen

[email protected]

Library News

 CBCA Book week 2018

Book week this year is from 18 - 24 August and the theme is : Find your treasure

Have a look at the shortlist of books for 2018, we have a number of them in the library for your child to read.

For the full list click on this link:

For a quick overview you can look at the covers but it is not a complete list:

Sonja Potgieter

[email protected]


As you may have read earlier ACCM’s Battle of the Bands 2018 is fast approaching. Now that submissions have closed it is down to final practices before their performances. Although the event is held during school time all parents and caregivers are welcome to attend and watch the show.

This term many of the primary classes have been learning about how we can use loud and soft to make music more entertaining. Year 3 have continued learning the ukulele, please encourage your children to practice at home and to bring them to their music lessons on Friday! Year 4 have begun learning percussion, learning to read music and play as a group. Year 5 are creating their own instruments this term.

Grade 6 students this term are composing on GarageBand. Students are developing a greater understanding of beat and developing their understanding form and structure within music. Year 7 have started learning guitar and are covering some basic musical theory. Many are surprised at how quickly their skills are growing when they are practicing. Their in-class performance will be in week 10. Year 8 have begun learning how to play a drum kit. Students are encouraged again to continue practicing. Year 9 this term are studying the blues and rock and roll, the history and how music has changed through time.

Lastly, a note on practice and how to practice effectively. Practice can be described as the repetition of a task with the goal of improvement and allows us to play with ease, speed and confidence. Bosler and Greene in their studies on practice determined three key factors that improve practice for all disciplines whether it be for music, sport or any other subject.

1. Consistent – keep trying and practice frequently with allotted breaks. Skills need to be developed, we shouldn’t say “I can’t do it”, we just can’t do it “yet” and keep trying till we get it.

2. Focused – minimize distractions, practice away from a phone, computer or TV.

3. Target areas of weakness – start slowly or in slow motion, coordination is built with repetition. Gradually increase the speed of quality repetitions and you’ll have a better chance of doing them correctly.

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Psalm 59:1 (NIV)

Stuart Bengtson

[email protected] 

The Music Bus – Open Day

Australian Christian College will be running a fun and interactive Music Bus Open day this term! On the day you’ll have the chance to visit the bus, meet the teacher and ask any questions you might have along the way. All students will also be invited to take part in a short, interactive session on the bus throughout the school day.

Offering weekly lessons in keyboard, guitar, ukulele, singing, drums and rock band, The Music Bus program provides the teacher and the instruments, all inside a high-tech, mobile music classroom (the bus!),

At the end of the activities, students will be given an Expression of Interest form. All students not already part of the The Music Bus program, who would like to join, will need to return the form to the school office within 7 days. The Music Bus will then be in-touch with you to book students into lesson.

Mark Your Diaries - Friday 3rd of August

  1. Parent Info Session -3:00pm- Parents can visit the bus, meet the teachers and ask questions if they wish.
  2. Student Tours - All students will take part in a short interactive session on the bus throughout each day.

To find out more, or call 1300 168 742.