I am writing this article with the sounds of the Battle of the Bands echoing from across the grounds from the new Senior Centre and Performing Arts Centre (the Church). It is great to challenge students in all their gifts and to allow opportunity for those with a gift in music to share this with all the students, just like we do with sports. There was so much enthusiasm and so much talent of display I felt a little inadequate in this area. But it was great fun and helped bond the students together. It may be that there has been less study and homework over the last few weeks!

Some of our parents would have come to school to vote at the recent Longman bi-election. If you live in the region then you could not miss all the campaigning and then the evaluation who won or lost and why. Thus I was surprised at the first secondary assembly afterwards that my students were very unaware of it even happening and only person new who the candidates were. I was worried about this as we have students who will vote at the next federal election. Their disinterest in politics also worried me. Our freedom and democracy, as well as our rights as Christians, is strongly linked to people understanding and taking an interest in politics. In response I have met with senior staff to explore how we can integrate the concepts of democracy into our college. We are now exploring a Student Government with class representatives elected by the students – with speech and campaigns - in each class who will sit in a Student Government. I expect they will over time learn the lesson of popularity versus good leadership, which is a great lesson in itself. In Year 11 we put this to the test and the Year 11 are slowly organizing their representatives to help organize the remainder of their school life. We will trial some ideas over the remainder of the 2018 and then implement the best ideas for 2019.So I ask parents to discuss these ideas with their children and engage with them about political decisions and processes at all levels from school and club associations up to federal politics. Please remember to be positive and proactive and open-minded.

A special thank you to all the parents who hosted a Japanese student during the most successful visit of students from Kokura-Minami High School. The small group of students settled in very quickly and had great experiences to take home. Plans are still being put together for our first Japanese trip in 2019, so please pray for us to be able to make this happen.

I want to give advance notice of an event coming up I recommend every parent attend. On the evening of the 30th August we have invited author and Award-winning speaker Michelle Mitchell ( to talk to parents only (child minding provided) about “How to Talk to your Child about Sex”. The evening is focused on parents who have children aged from 6-9, but also into upper secondary school. There is no need to RSVP unless you would like to access the free child minding being offered. If needing this facility, please email our chaplain Janet [email protected] I strongly encourage all parents to not miss this event.

Please remember that we encourage parent involvement in your child’s education and you can email at any time or ring the office to set up a time.Have a wonderful fortnight ahead.

God bless our community

Gary Underwood


[email protected] 



Please remember our to use our calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

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(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October & 7th December

Important Information

New enrolments 2019 (not continuing students) If you have children commencing at ACC please complete and submit an online Enrolment Application form at your earliest convenience to secure your child’s future enrolment.In particular, places are now filling for the entry year levels of Prep and Year 7. Please note that this notice is regarding NEW students only, not those currently enrolled and continuing their education at ACC.Form link: For more information please do not hesitate to contact Margie Hildred (Enrolment and Marketing Officer) Direct Line: 5490 6103 Email: [email protected] Withdrawal Notices

​Students​ can leave the College without penalty in the event that there is at least six term weeks or more notification in writing ​prior to withdrawal. Failure to provide the minimum of six term weeks notification will result in the parent/guardian being liable for six​ term weeks’ fees in lieu of notice.

Lunch Activity TimeTable

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What’s Happening On-Campus

District Athletics :

Both primary and secondary district athletics carnivals are scheduled around this time . The primary carnival days have already been happening . Students in upper primary and in high schoolwho have done well at our own athletics carnival , which was held at the end of last term ,get to compete against the best from other schools at the district athletic carnivals . Students who do well at the district level may then get selected to compete at a regional level , and then if they do well there go on to the state competition . For all of our school carnivals there is the opportunity to progress through to state competition level.

Primary Inter-school Sport :

Our school also competes in primary school inter-school sports . In this district the interschool sport involves gala days where the schools send teams to compete against each other in a one day competition with a number of different sports . These competitions involve the upper primary students.

Battle of the Bands :

The Battle of the Bands competition is another big event in our calendar . Students in years 6 - 12 can form a band and compete against other bands in front of all students from years 6 - 12 . Our Performing Arts Coordinator Mr Bengtson has been hard at work preparing for this years event - which will also include a guest performer and staff band !

David Lewis

Deputy Principal

[email protected]

Senior School Updates

  Choices and Decision-Making!

Recently Mr Underwood spoke to students at assembly about the importance of understanding our government system, particularly our Senior students as they would soon be able to vote. Democracy in Australia forms one of the most important foundations of our socio-political structures, but it requires each of its citizens to have the ability to make decisions.

However, when working with some of our Senior students recently, I was again reminded that our student’s decision-making skills are not always as well-developed as we sometimes expect them to be. Unfortunately, for Senior students choices and decision-making is all part of the journey, and cannot be avoided. It is a time where students are encouraged to consider their future, think about subject choices and at some point make decisions in a ‘SET Plan’ that maps out their educational and vocational choices for years to come! This can be overwhelming for students who have not yet mastered the art and science of decision-making. So what can we do to empower our students to be better decision makers?

Here are some important tips to encourage and develop decision-making skills in our Senior students:


Involve students in decision-making processes when ever possible. It is essential for students to learn how to make decisions that they be involved in authentic opportunities.


Empower students to make good decisions. When students have an opportunity to make a decision, do not fall into making the decisions for them. We need to support their developing decision-making skills by challenging their thinking and being supporters of “risk taking” – Not be the actual decision maker!


Allow students to make mistakes. This is sometimes very difficult, but students must be allowed to make mistakes in their decision-making. Of course this needs to be carefully guided and supported so that no decision they make is irreparable, but small mistakes can be powerful lessons!

The development of confident decision-making skills is not accidental. These skills must be nurtured by supportive adults in an environment that empowers our young people. I encourage you to make sure your student is involved in all aspects of decision-making in Senior school, such as subject selection and future pathways, so that they will ultimately be able to confidently take control of their own lives.

Anita Newell

Head of Senior School

[email protected] 

Middle School Updates

The last Middle School camp for 2018 was held last week. The year 6 students had a great time at Bestbrook, about 30 minutes from Warwick. It was a privilege for me to join them on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I didn’t get to stay as long as I would’ve liked and missed out on the horse riding. But, I did get to make some damper and enjoy some billy tea. Most importantly, however, I’m sure the students all had a great time –it is generally a very popular camp run by some very lovely people.

And just like that it’s week 4 already.We are almost halfway through the term and the first pieces of assessment are around the corner. It is a policy in the ACC Middle School that students be given plenty of time during class to complete assignments, freeing up evenings for reading. Students may get some literacy and numeracy homework but should not be overloaded with tasks from these or other subjects. If this is happening, please let me know.

Remember, you can check what assessment pieces are due by looking at your child’s Schoology site. If you don’t know how to do this, please ask them to show you.

To finish up this week I want to turn your attention to Galatians 5:22-33

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”
Galatians 5:22-33

There is a challenge being run throughout the college at the moment around this verse that is twofold:

  1. Children are asked to learn and recite this passage
  2. Children are asked to identify peers that are displaying these virtues.

Please take the opportunity to talk to your children about these verses and what they really mean.

Derek Hughes

[email protected] 

Primary School Updates

Book Week is fast approaching and Week 6 will be here before we know it. The excitement is growing and students are getting excited about their costumes and favourite characters. The theme this year is, “Find Your Treasure”. Now as children, many students immediately think of pirates and buried treasure. But we are looking to help the students realise that “their” treasure can be anything that brings them joy or happiness. For instance, a favourite game, a favourite toy, an exciting place or story…anything that brings wonder and happiness. We encourage you to enjoy this time with your child and really take the time to explore what their treasure is and inspire their creativity. Don’t forget though that to go along with their costume, children must bring a book to go with their costume. As always, we would like to invite all of our primary parents to come along and join us for a morning of fun on Friday August 24th at 8.50am in the hall for our annual Book Week Parade.

The other exciting craze in the primary classrooms at the moment is Word Mania – a national spelling competition run by Literacy Planet. Students are busily creating all sorts of words and earning points for our school. In the initial practise rounds, Year 2 came third in the Moreton Bay / Sunshine Coast Regionfor their year level and Years 4 and 5 came first. Last week in the first official round, Year 4 and 5 both hold 3rd place in our region with another exciting week of competition to come. Get on the Word Mania train and have a go at this fun competition with your child. Challenge each other to a game and watch their skills and confidence grow. Come on ACC – let’s take it out! All students can play through the Literacy Planet app for FREE!

Some photos of primary classes dressing up for last year’s book week.


One of the things I love about Australian Christian College – Moreton is the heart we have for mission. From helping others in the playground to fundraising for the homeless and of course, our major mission trips to the Northern Territory and Cambodia, there is always a way to serve others within our school.

Operation Christmas Child is a way for you to participate in such a wonderful mission, shining the light of our God to so many who may otherwise never hear of Him or feel his love – and all you have to do is fill a shoe box!

This year’s campaign is upon us and we are calling for all of our school families to help up bring the joy of Christmas to under privileged children around the world.

In Week 6, every family will receive a shoebox to bring home and there are many more available to collect from the office for those who would like extra boxes. Please start putting some small items aside to include in your box.

 Included with your shoebox will be suggestions of what to fill it with, instructions for how to label your box and a small bag to collect the $10 needed for postage and handling.


It’s a small thing for us that can make the world of difference to a child. Please help us reach our goal of sending 300 boxes overseas this year.

God Bless You All.

Alicia Foley
Upper Primary
[email protected]

Michelle Tsui
Lower Primary
[email protected]


Success for Students with Learning Disabilities – A valuable read

Based on over 20 years of research by the Frostig Centre in California, six success attributes have been identified that predict successful life outcomes of individuals with learning disabilities. These attributes are self-awareness, proactivity, perseverance, goal setting, using support systems, and emotional coping strategies.

It is important to emphasize that not every successful individual possesses each of these attributes, and some attributes may be present to a greater or lesser degree. Similarly, persons who might be considered "unsuccessful" may nevertheless possess some of the success attributes, again, to a lesser or greater degree. What it does mean is that successful persons with learning disabilities are much more likely to have these characteristics than unsuccessful individuals. It is important to help parents/carers and teachers understand these success attributes to help children/students so that they will be better prepared to work with and guide them toward satisfying and rewarding lives. It is also important to keep in mind that having these attributes does not guarantee success. Rather, it increases the chances of achieving a fulfilling and successful life. It is interesting to note that research indicates that these characteristics may have a greater influence on success than even such factors as academic achievement, gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, and even intelligence quotient

I would encourage you all to follow this link and read the full article found at as it breaks down what each characteristic is providing real examples, but more importantly, it then outlines specific practical and helpful ideas on how to develop these attributes in our young people. Happy reading….

God bless

Suzanne Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]

On Campus Class Updates

What a fabulous start 4G has had to term 3. We have been blessed to have two new students start with our class this term. In History the students have been enjoying learning about convicts and the first Australians. They have even pretended to be a convict and researched a famous convict from the First Fleet. They are beginning to gain a respect for the first Australians as they learn more about the our History.

In Maths the students have been learning about area and perimeter and how these concepts are used in real life. They have even been able to design their own personal zoo with the knowledge they have learnt! In S.T.E.M. he students have been given the task to grow a bean… but the catch is they are not allowed to use soil and they have to use recyclable materials. It has been great seeing their brains tick with ideas. The students had to work in their groups to solve the below riddle. See if you can solve it too!

There was a farmer making his way to the market with a fox, a chicken, and some grain. He came to a clearing with a stream. He saw a boat nearby, but he could only take one of his items with him. He knew if he took the grain, and left the fox and chicken, the fox would eat the chicken, and if he took the fox, the chicken would eat the grain. How do you get all of them across?

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Alyce Groves

[email protected] 


After finishing Term 2 on a high with a successful Athletics Carnival, YELLOW HOUSE have emerged victorious in a close competition. A huge thank you to all the staff, parents and students who helped out and the day as well as the spectators who came down to give their support.

A big Congratulations to the following Age Champions of the Athletics Carnival:

Age Champions




Dash Switzer


Maddison Houston


Jacob Merrilees and Zander Wessels


Adau Nyuon


Bradley Drever


Dorothy Sawyer


Malachi Silins- Lobley and Freeman Gale


Judy Crosby


Alexander Mann


Lillee Parkinson


Wade Baker


Lilian Greenwood


Max Parkinson


Kimberly Wall


Zayne Harry


Maddison McCosker


Jayden Brewer


Bella Zielinski

Terms 3 and 4 are looking bright for sports with Tenpin Bowling and Walking for Recreation added to the list of Middle School Sports

Senior Science

Term 3 and Year 10, 11 and 12 Chemistry classes are doing Experimental Investigation

Year 10 Chemistry are looking at Rates of Reaction for their student Experiment. In class they have done practise experiments with Alka-Seltzer tablets and water plus calcium carbonate and acid with the idea to change the method to collect data about how the rate of reaction can be changed.

Year 11 Chemistry are investigating different types of water with the idea of recommending how closely they meet the Drinking Water Guidelines. Ocean, pool, tank, tap, dam, well, river water and mineral water sold in bottles are being investigated for various substances that may be in the waters.

One Year 12 Chemistry group have have chosen to also investigate reaction rates but at a more complicated level with another group choosing a titration method to gain results.

Year 10 Biology, Physics and Psychology students are all beginning their Research Investigation into various concepts looked at in class.

Next week is Science Week and Year 8 have a visiting group on Thursday this week to experience the science involved with Forensic investigation.

Year 7 and 8 are preparing experiments for a display during Thursday of Week 5 and Year 6 are very busy making volcanoes and are most excited about demonstrating them in week 5 at the display.

Janice Garden

[email protected]

Year 3B

We have been busy this term learning about Sustainability. In class we have read the Lorax book by Dr Seuss, starting to care for our own plants and looking at how God wants us to care for the environment. As part of our learning we had fun going on an excursion to the CREEC centre at Burpengary.

We learnt about how to compost and worm farm, and how this can help look after the environment. We learnt which foods we have scraps of we can use in composting and feeding worms. We then went on a nature walk, looking at the different areas at the centre and how they look after the animals. We got to see macadamia trees, gum trees and lemon myrtle plants. We were taught about our carbon foot and how we live can affect the environment and what we can do to keep the plants and animals safe. After the walk we were able to pot some plants which we have been caring for since coming back to school.

Rebecca Bunston

[email protected] 

Library News

CBCA Bookweek 2018

The Children’s Book Council of Australia book week is from 18 - 24 August 2018. It kicks off on Saturday, 18 August in the public libraries across Australia. There will be so many activities for children and young adults, it is worthwhile checking with your own public library. I include information for your attention.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries:

The State Library has a whole day of fun planned and a good opportunity to visit our beautiful Queensland State Library:

I include a link to the shortlisted books for 2018 :

The Book Parade will be on the Friday, 24 August.

Sonja Potgieter

[email protected]

Community Event News