New leadership changes

ACCM has grown quickly over the last 6 years I have been at the College and changed in very many ways. Our On-campus enrolments have grown from 100 to 500 students. The number of students undertaking QCE online has grown to huge numbers with our senior school having 100 - 130 students expected for each Year level for years 10 - 12 in 2019. We have also changed our curriculum from ACE to the Australian National Curriculum and introduced the QCE curriculum. We have replaced books with computers, introduced new courses, mission trips and so many things we can all be proud of. Having our students receive OP 1 results last year was testimony to the ability and flexibility of our families. In primary 6 years ago 40% of students were reading at the appropriate minimum standard. Today, this is 90%. In 2019 we open our third Year 7 class and creating a ne vision for Middle School.

The other big area of growth is with students with learning needs and those government funded Special Needs students. We estimate there are far more students needing Learning Support than we can presenting support. These students need better supervision, more appropriate programs and much more support by our staff.

Add these three growth areas together and you can see why the Board has decided to appoint more staff for 2019, increasing the teachers available to support senior students; more staff to support our DE students; and extra experienced staff in Student Services. The key change is the appointment of a third Deputy Principal to share all the workload and leadership of the staff. Mrs Suzanne Fraser has been promoted to DP. Many of you know Mrs Fraser as she has worked with all our senior students preparing them for senior years and their career pathway. She has also led our Student Services team helping many of our Special Needs students. From 2019 she will be Deputy Principal, Distance Education and bring a lot of skills to bare on the increasing senior age students in DE. Ms Flood will still remain a DP, and her role shifts to be DP of On Campus. She brings a whole new range of skills to her new role and a fuller understanding of the College as a whole. To enable this change, Mr Lewis will be the DP responsible for Student Services. He will be supported by the current Head of Primary On-Campus Mrs Allan, and our On-Campus Prep Teacher Mrs Waite, who also moves to Student Services. The primary school Team Leaders Mrs Tsui and Mrs Foley have been promoted to Coordinators and will run primary together under Ms Flood’s leadership. Many parents may remember Ms Flood from her days as Head of Primary a few years back. This will bring a lot of expertise and staffing to help all our students succeed. I am excited about the changes and the broadening of the expertise of our senior staff at the college.  Please pray for these leaders as they tackle new subschools.

Changes to Schoology and Quickschools

Growth brings changes so that we can continue to provide the best education we can for our families. In 2019 you will see that the College will be changing its ‘Schoology’ Learning Management System because we have outgrown the services this can provide our students. It will be replaced with ‘Canvas’ that is used by many tertiary institutions. This will make accessing lessons, results, staff and the College much easier. From your perspective it will look a little different but easier for our students to use.  We will be walking you through this early in 2019, but I do not expect major problems from a parent or student perspective, just a lot of holiday work for our staff.

The second change is to our Student Information System ‘Quickschools’ which many of you have spoken to me about, especially about it being ‘slower’ than ‘quick’. This will be replaced with Sentral that is widely used by Australian schools, especially private schools of our size. It is going to make administration of the college much easier. It will give parents greater access to teacher markbooks, and provide better interaction with Canvas for the students. Our experience as part of this change over is that all the staff are excited about how much better and easier this will be for 2019.

New buildings about to get underway

On Saturday 1st December the portables in the way of the new primary building will be moved. All plans are in place for construction during 2019. The church room renovations are almost complete and our staff are starting to paint and improve the church as a performing arts area. Now we are planning for a new senior building.

Thank you for 2018

I would like to thank our families for making 2018 an amazing year. The Awards Nights brought our families together to celebrate the work of their students through the year, as well as those students graduating from the college and Year 12. Year 12 is challenging and demanding and our students have had a very successful year. We wish them well for their future careers and tertiary study.

Have an inspiring Christmas

I pray you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and please remember the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ who came to earth to save us from our sins. I look forward to seeing you all in 2019 with Ms Flood and Mr Lewis as we work together with our On-Campus families.

Gary Underwood


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(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

Important Information

NEW Enrolments for 2019 (not continuing students)

If you have children commencing at ACC please complete and submit an online Enrolment Application form at your earliest convenience to secure your child’s future enrolment. In particular, places are now filling for the entry year levels of Prep and Year 7. Please note that this notice is regarding NEW students only, not those currently enrolled and continuing their education at ACC. Form link:

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Margie Hildred (Enrolment and Marketing Officer)

Direct Line: 5490 6103

Email: [email protected]

Student Withdrawal Notices

​Students​ can leave the College without financial penalty in the event that there is at least six term weeks or more notification in writing ​prior to withdrawal. Failure to provide the minimum of weeks notification will result in the parent/guardian being liable for six-term weeks’ fees in lieu of notice.

Allowance for driving your children to school

Did you know that you may be entitled to an allowance for privately driving your children to and from school? Financial assistance may be available to parents who have children that attend Non-State Schools with students traveling to and from school daily by private arrangement. For further details on how much you can claim by distance, please go onto theDept of Transport and Main Roads- Conveyance Allowance Payment Details. There is a PDF application available for viewing including a table of distance versus weekly rebate claim.

New SPORT Uniform - 2 year transition period

We are excited to advise that all ACC schools are changing to an improved and purposed designed sport uniform.  The current polo is a generic design with several other companies and institutions having the same one.

There will be a two year change over period for ACCM students.  Any sport uniform orders that have recently been submitted will be delayed until the delivery of the new sport uniform expected in January.

For any further information please contact Margie Hildred on direct line: 5490 6103 or email: [email protected]

Lunch Activity TimeTable

Click here to view the range of lunch-time activities that are available around the campus.

What’s Happening On-Campus

Thank you to all our school community for your support this year.


Over the past couple of weeks our teachers have been running a lot of excursions to various locations. Many of these have combined the educational aspects with having students have an enjoyable time on the excursion. Our year 3 and 4 students recently did just this when they went to Aussie World. The educational aspects  were budgeting; G forces; how rides work and how they are maintained. For parents and carers, during the upcoming holidays there will be many opportunities like these to help students learn a range of information and Christian values - even in the fun times.


The class reports should be out by now, this year we have moved to sending them out electronically, this is a safer and more efficient way of doing it and saves so much time in addressing and putting reports into envelopes.

Classes for 2019:

Our P - 8 teachers have allocated class lists for next year. They focus on achieving a balance in each class of students academic ability, social considerations, class sizes, and  working relationships - which are an important aspect of 21st Century skills including developing and using the skills of cooperation,  collaboration and creativity.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas season.

David Lewis

Deputy Principal

[email protected]

Senior School Updates

What an amazing team!

What a privilege it is to work with our Senior students and staff!

This week our Year 11 students ran the ‘Rite of Passage’ event for our Year 9 students as their introduction to Senior School. This year we took Year 9 to the beach and our Senior students prepared games and activities that served to better explain to these Middle School students what sort of things might be expected of them as Senior students next year.

The program for the day was completely initiated, created and organised by our Year 11 students and our Year 10 House Captains assisted them in implementing the program on the day. This was the last official duty of our Year 11 students before they return in 2019 as our Year 12 students and a great indication of the sort of leaders our College is fortunate to have lead them next year.

As students actively participated in each activity, it was wonderful to watch all three grades – our 2019 Senior School - working together with such enthusiasm. Their teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills were brilliant and I was personally very proud watching them work as teams. I am truly excited by all they may accomplish together next year.

As we finally break for holidays we wish all of our students the very best holiday, spending important time with family, relaxing and enjoying their time away from school. We also pray they have a blessed Christmas and New Year and return safe to us in 2019 – ready for a whole new year!

Finally, I would like to thank our Senior staff team for all of the extra work, dedication and effort they have contributed to creating such an amazing culture that we are now seeing the fruits of. Our staff pray for, support and work beside their students to assist them in their personal journey towards all that God has gifted them for. They are a blessing to all and I am blessed to be a part of this team we call Senior School.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God bless!

Anita Newell

[email protected]

Middle School Updates

It feels like I just finished writing the first newsletter article for 2018 and here I am starting the last one - gee that went quick. We, however, have not quite finished the year and I have been asking the students and staff to ensure we finish well.

We also have just a few things to do to help us set up for 2019; one of those is selecting the 2019 Middle School Student Leaders. The College leadership team have decided that we would use a more student centered approach this year. Ultimately, however, Mr Underwood and Mr Lewis will make the final decisions but we wanted to use the student leaders selection process as an opportunity to do two things:

  1. Build community.
  2. Allow the students a voice.

To achieve these aims the following process is being followed:

  1. All Middle School students were given the opportunity to nominate a grade 8 student for leadership in 2019. (33 students were nominate)
  2. Using criteria that included the number of nominations and behavioural records, 10 students were chosen to be candidates for leadership
  3. The candidates will have a number of opportunities to get to know the younger students, including: working in the grade 5 classroom, delivering speeches, answering students questions in a ‘Town Hall’ styleforum, running activity days for the younger students.
  4. The Middle School students will then vote using an online survey form.
  5. Mr Lewis will interview the candidates.
  6. Leaders will be appointed.

Congratulations to the 10 students that have been selected as leadership candidates:

  1. Abigail Fagan
  2. Alexis Jutila-Kern
  3. Chloe Forster
  4. Jared Kercher
  5. Jasper McGilvray
  6. Matisse Low
  7. Matthew Clarke
  8. Sui-Vaaia Andrews
  9. Wade Baker
  10. Tiara Stokes

Derek Hughes

[email protected]

Primary School Updates

There is such a buzz in our primary school! As the end of the year approaches, there is still so much going on and every student we speak to is excited about what is happening in their class. Trips to Aussie World, the Lego Centre, the primary fun day at the pool, class parties, Christmas Carols preparations, etc. It is such a blessing to be in a school where we can enjoy making memories at the end of the school year with our students.

We feel that one aspect that makes ACCM a stand out in the community, are the relationships that are built within our school. Not just between teachers and students but between teachers and parents as well. We would like to thank you all for the support you have given the primary staff this year. Working together means that we can provide the best possible outcomes for all of our children. Every book you read together, every time you help with homework, every time you check in with your child’s teacher to see how your child is doing - each interaction helps your child grow and gives us a little more insight as to how we can help them in ways that suit their personal needs. We look forward to continuing this sense of community in 2019 and discovering new ways we can help each child reach their potential.

We pray that everyone has a blessed Christmas and New Year. May you all find the time to enjoy your families, rejuvenate for the new year and grow closer to our Lord as we all reflect on the true meaning of the season.

Have a joyous and safe Christmas.

Alicia Foley
Upper Primary
[email protected]

Michelle Tsui
Lower Primary
[email protected]


 Gratitude - A Powerful Attitude

Research has shown that a grateful attitude has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve immune function, reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, and build resilience (Emmons, 2018). What great news this is for us as teachers and parents!! Teaching the next generation to make gratitude a habit not only gives them the opportunity to focus on their blessings, but it also improves their physical, social and emotional health. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see children practicing gratitude each day? Lisa McCrohan (Big Life Journal, 2018) suggests three simple ways to help build a habit of gratitude:

Start a gratitude journal – ask children to write down 3-5 things that they are grateful for. Each day ask them to share what they have written. You will find that this is also a great way to connect with your children. Focusing on the good in life may just help to get through the more challenging times that life brings.

Notice and savour the small stuff – how often do we focus on the negative? We tend to spend more of our time addressing the things we do wrong rather than focusing on the things we do right, or we take for granted the things around us that we should be appreciating (called our negative bias). Therefore, in order to train our brains for change we have to put conscious effort into savouring the good, which takes about 30 seconds to connect it to our implicit memory. So next time you see a beautiful sunset or a flowering plant, pause and take it in. Take time to appreciate a stranger who smiles at you or opens a door for you. Once you start to consciously notice the good in ordinary, everyday life you will start to notice the good in others and the world around you.

Write a gratitude letter – Take the time to let someone know how much you appreciate them. It’s easy to send a quick text or make a phone call but taking the time to write a letter demonstrates to the receiver that they worth the effort to you. The letter doesn’t have to be perfect, just authentic and from the heart. I can honestly say that I have treasured every thank you letter I have received over the years. You never know, your letter may just make that person’s day!

Max Lucado (2013) writes, “thankful people focus less on what they lack and more on the privileges they have”. As we enter the Christmas season, let us be thankful and focus on what we have to be grateful for. We live in a country where we have many freedoms, homes to live in and access to medical help. We have a great climate with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When we start to list the good things in our lives and put the troubles out of focus, our perspectives start to improve. As Christians, we have so much to be thankful for and at Christmas we are reminded of one of the best gifts that we can receive – Jesus. He came into the world to pay the price for our sins and give us hope for a future. Seek Jesus, count your blessings and enjoy the break.

God bless

Suzanne Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]

On Campus Class Updates

Hello from Prep S!

It has been a great year. It has been a privilege to work with the children as they have grown and matured and to be part, even if only a little, of their life’s journey.

We have had a wonderful and exciting term to finish off the year.

Some highlights:  

In art we focused on texture. The children created a picture of the Rainbow Fish. First they looked at the shape of the fish body and drew that. Next they gave the fish texture by using rubbing blacks and creating patterns on the fish body. Then they used shiny coloured strips of paper to weave in those special scales. They added a tail, fins and an eye. The children created an underwater habitat for their fish with collage materials and lastly added the fish into the habitat.


In History the children have learnt about the different ways we share our stories or our own history with others. They learned that they could do this by telling stories, photographs, painting or drawing pictures and writing their stories down. They even learnt that special things from our past can help us share our history with others. These man made objects are called artefacts. We looked at how the traditional aboriginal people and Torres Strait islander people shared their history and stories with each other. The children set up a museum in the class to display all of these different things.

Last week we went on an excursion to the Caboolture Historical Village and C.R.E.E.C. It was a great, fun filled, busy day. This was so the children could visit a real museum to see what it was like. The children loved seeing history come alive and participating in some interesting activities.  It was very different to our class museum.

After the morning’s activities we went off to the Caboolture Regional Environmental Education Centre (C.R.E.E.C.) for a sausage sizzle lunch and fun in the amazing park. If you want a great park to take your children to these holidays, check this one out!

We have now come to the end of Prep and it is always interesting to ask the Preps what they liked best about their year in prep. This is what some of them had to say:

Alek: All the excursions;  Brooklyn: Making paper chains; Casey: All my friends and meeting Brooklyn;  Castiel: Learning about God;  Chelsea: Singing Christmas Carols; Ivye: All the excursions;  Lela: Taking Buster home for the weekend; Myles: Christmas and excursions; Noah: Our last excursion;  Sai: Christmas things; Trinity: EVERYTHING!!  Vishnu: Christmas celebrations

Margaret Simpson

[email protected] 

Year 5

What a fantastic year it has been for Year 5! Term 4 has been extremely busy as we wrap up the year. Our excursion in week 7 to the Queensland Museum in Brisbane was a highlight of the term. The students were able to experience hands-on investigations in the newly open Spark Lab Science Centre. Students had fun exploring the many interactive exhibits and discovered how Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) affects their everyday world. In Science, we have been studying how light travels and reflects of different surfaces. The classes loved going to the Science lab and using the light pens.

This term is the last time that the Year 5 students will get to visit Bolton Clarke Aged Care Home. These visits have been valuable and it was great to see the relationships that have been formed between our students and the residents of the home. Over the past few weeks, some of the Year 4 students have had to opportunity to go on these visits to experience what it will be like when they are participating in this program next year. 

We are very proud of all the Year 5 students and the effort and hard work they have put in throughout the year. We wish them best as the move to Year 6 in 2019.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:12


After a year of such extreme variations in weather (it seems to swing between soaking, constant rain and extreme heat!) Students have had a year trying new sports and games for both indoors and outdoors.
Primary School students have been learning the rules and skills of lesser known sports such as Bocce and Euro Handball. To go with these new sports, students have been developing a knowledge of sports etiquette and how to demonstrate good sportsmanship towards others.

Outside of PE lessons, we enjoyed more success in our year 5 and 6 Gala Days with both the Boys Senior and Junior Touch teams and Girls Senior and Junior Soccer teams getting plenty of wins on the board. The Senior Girls Soccer also finished near the top of the table in their division. After a very successful year of sport and PE we are already looking forward to learning new skills and games in 2019!

Nathan Sheumack

[email protected]

Middle School Visual Art

‘Life without Visual Art would be a little less fun’ Year 8 student

Tie Dyeing, Logo Printing, Painting, Sculpture and Clay work are some of the activities undertaken by the years 6-9 in term 4. Much joy, conversation and relationship building are all by- products of enjoying the creative process in the Art Room.

Marian Revermann

[email protected]

Library News

I feel blessed to have completed my first year at ACC as the librarian. It really has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know the students better - especially what they like to read, their favourite series and authors. It brightens up my day to share in their enthusiasm when they visit the library or ask me to help them find their next book to read. Thank you to all the parents and caregivers for the encouragement they give to spur their children to read and remembering diligently to return their  library books.

During Primary Assembly I spoke about the importance of reading during the long summer school holidays and the services provided by our public libraries.  Please see the details for this opportunity below.

  • It is well-researched that children who read do well not only academically but also emotionally and socially.
  • All students with no outstanding books, will be allowed to borrow library books for the summer holiday.
  • Our Public Libraries have wonderful services and programmes parents are encouraged to use.
  • Go to the public library website of your shire, for example;
  • Click What’s on at my library
  • Like Facebook Page as it will keep you informed
  • Click What’s On guide
  • Download and open Brochure
  • Scroll down to School Holiday Activities
  • Have a look at  Summer Reading Club with prizes to win

Your library membership card can do a lot for you

You can search the library online catalogue at home

When you find your book and it is not at your library, you can reserve it, ask to be sent to your nearest library.

Even better is the eBooks and audiobooks you can access with your library card.

Download free Apps Borrow Box and/or Libby using your library card to register. Find the app in your App store

Listen to your favourite author in the car when travelling.

You can re-borrow and no need to return as it self-destructs.

If you need more help, here are short videos on how to install and use these apps :

Borrow Box


Sonja Potgieter

[email protected]