Learning is what we do best.

Over the next few pages we would like to introduce you to our ACC Learner Profile, our teachers, and specific features about the three schools in our college.

Before we go into detail, here are some fast facts about the learning program at our college:

  1. We offer a seamless learning journey for our students. You can begin at Foundation and complete the QCE with the same students that you started with.
  2. We are registered and accredited by the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority. Our learning program is audited to ensure that we meet compliance.
  3. We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities in the area of sports, arts, drama and even robotics.
  4. Technology plays a big part in our learning program. You’ll learn more about how we do it over the next few pages but if you’re planning on joining us you will need to plan for an iPad!

Every year we purchase a variety of new learning resources for the students. We’re not very sentimental – so you won’t find musty books from the 1970s or overhead projectors hidden away in closets. But we do look for the ‘best of breed’ resources that we can integrate into our learning program.