Primary School

In Primary School the academic focus is on ensuring students acquire the foundational skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. If a solid foundation is laid at this early stage of their schooling journey, then ‘learning gaps’ will not prohibit their ability to thrive in later years.

At this stage of learning, natural curiosity is a powerful ally for teachers. Students have an interest in the world around them. Teachers tap into this interest to get the best out of these young minds.

Our academic program is focused on building a strong foundation for learning through a rigorous study of literacy (English) and numeracy (Maths).

We have a detailed plan to help your child learn how to read. At the beginning of the school year students are tested to determine their reading level. We use tests developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) that provide feedback to teachers and parents months before the NAPLAN tests take place.

Feedback from tests allow us to customise our approach when we are teaching your child how to read. In some cases, we find that students can read fluently but the tests reveal that the student does not comprehend what they are reading. In other cases, the tests identify the need for further specialist advice.

When our students are learning to read they have access to a wide variety of resources to help them read at their appropriate level. They can access a whole library of books through their iPad and we also use physical resources that are kept close at hand in the classroom.

Our teachers are trained in two systems of phonics that can be blended together to teach the mechanics of reading. The two systems that we use are Soundwaves (developed in Australia) and Jolly Phonics, which was developed in the United Kingdom.

In addition to our focus on teaching our students how to read and write we spend a significant portion of the day in Maths and we have a rich selection of topics in the areas of Science, History, the Arts and PDHPE.

Our new facilities include the latest advances in learning environments such as interactive whiteboards. Technology is thoughtfully integrated into the learning program.

It is a very special time in a child’s educational journey and we see it as the gateway to lifelong learning. A great experience in the first years of schooling can make all of the difference as a child develops.