senior college

The Senior School experience at ACC is designed to be a capstone experience for students, giving them the opportunity to study different topics, develop their leadership skills and prepare for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Students in Year 10 study English, Christian Living, Personal and Study Skills, Sport and either General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods. Students currently have the option to study 4-8 different electives throughout the year, as they are offered by Semester.In 2018 students can choose from the following electives: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Design, Film Television and New Media, Hospitality Practices, Legal Studies, Modern History, Music, Physics, Psychology and Visual Arts. However elective choices for Year 10 students in 2019 are currently being determined through student surveys. At ACCM we aim to offer the widest choice possible based on each cohort’s choices. Other possible elective subjects that may be considered for 2019 are: Physical Education, Science in Practice, Social and Community Studies, Sport and Recreation and Visual Arts in Practice. All Year 10 electives are based on the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s new syllabuses as a lead in to the subjects that students will be studying in their final two years of Secondary School.

In 2018 students in Years 11 and 12 can study: Ancient History, Biology, Business Communication Technology, Chemistry, English, English Communications, Information Technology Systems, Legal Studies, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Physical Education, Physics, Prevocational Mathematics, Recreation, Social and Community Studies, Visual Arts and Visual Arts in Practice.In 2019, subjects offered will be based on the 2018 Year 10 subject list and determined by student’s choices. Not all subjects listed at Year 10 will run. All students study Christian Living and are encouraged to participate in school leadership opportunities. Additional university and VET subjects are available through third party providers.

Senior Handbooks


We’re serious about preparing our students for tertiary pathways and we expect the same attitude from our students. In some ways, they have been preparing for the rigours of Senior College since Year 7 when they began sitting for formal examinations and presenting assessment tasks.

The QCE is an important milestone for many students, but it shouldn’t define a student’s identity. The great weakness of the examination process is that it tends to reduce students to a single OP score or ATAR (the new Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank being introduced from 2020). If you get a high OP score/ATAR , you ‘will’ be successful in life. We work really hard to discourage this kind of mindset in our students.

Our Christian ethos tells us that God has a plan for your life and that plan may or may not include a high OP score. We also celebrate character and attitudes as defined in our ACC Learner Profile, which recognise that success in life is far more complicated than a single OP score.