The quality of the teachers reflects the quality of education being delivered. At Australian Christian College we are blessed to have approachable and dedicated teachers who are focused on nurturing the ‘whole child’.

Gary Underwood

Head of On Campus
David Lewis

Primary Staff
Margaret Simpson
Sandra Waite
Michelle Tsui
Lisa Sandel
Maija Koehler
Cara Henley
Alyce Groves
Rebecca Ramsey
Lian Hnailum
Derek Hughes
Nathan Cran
Alicia Foley
Fiona Allan

Secondary Staff
Joel Hogan
Rebecca Birt
Simone Wilcox
Rhys Taylor
Anita Newell
Jacque de Villiers
Tony Pavey
Stuart Bengtson
Isabelle Jackson
Bruce Vaschina
James Newman
Adrienne Plotnek
Suzanne Fraser
Paul Gandini
Elizabeth Dempsey
Anthony Usher
Anthony Dullroy
Cameron Johnson
Simon Nicholls
Rebecca Robertson
VJ Bell
Katherine Vlaanderen
Joan Pavey
Amy Baxter