Choosing a school community can be a very difficult process. There are lots of issues to think about and schools don’t make the process easier by using big, academic words like “substantive” and “rigorous”. We want to avoid this kind of confusion by sharing with you some of the reasons why parents choose ACC.

A place to feel welcome

Firstly, we want you to feel at home as soon as you come in the door. Every family is different and we want to give you the time to hear your story and your aspirations for your children. It’s not just about coming for a school tour – it’s about joining a school community.

A focus on the whole child


Earlier in this website we talked about what it means to be in a Christian College. This is our heart when it comes to anything that we do at school. In addition to our focus on Christian education we also want to celebrate the development of your child and the choices that they make which will impact their own lives and their community. We explain this in more detail in the ACC Learner Profile.

Approachable Teachers

We’re very proud of the teachers and staff we have at our college. These are the men and women who will be spending 25 hours or more with your children every week so we want to make sure that they share our vision and values and that they are passionate about learning.

Our teachers are accessible through all of the usual channels like interviews and phone calls but we also connect with you through email and through ACC Online – it’s a much easier way to communicate in our busy world.

A national brand

Our college is a part of a national group of schools. This allows us to achieve significant economies of scale over thousands of students and it allows us to offer a great private school education at an accessible price point. Another thing we offer is the ability to move between campuses if your work or responsibilities take you interstate.


Your child can start their education with us in Foundation and go all of the way through to the QCE. This experience goes a long way to developing friends for life. We love it when the Year 12 class leaves the school and they still remain great friends.

Co-educational schooling is another great benefit of our college. This allows students to develop appropriate cross-gender social skills and enables parents to send their sons and daughters to the same school.

A clean & modern campus

The college’s 5 acre campus is located in the middle of a new residential estate in North Caboolture, South East Queensland. The campus is set back from major roads but easily accessible from the Bruce Highway and includes a new multi-purpose centre and indoor sports centre.

The learning environment is conducive to digital connectivity with wireless broadband access in every learning space. Every student has access to their own email address through Google Apps and all of their courses through our online learning portal.

It’s all about technology

Technology continues to change everything about how we live and how we work. We, as a college, are committed to the use of technology in education. We talk more about this in our digital natives section.